Derrick J Freeman is a peace activist, podcaster, and video producer living in Keene, NH, the Libertarian Media Capital of the World. Derrick J is a regular host of terrestrial radio shows like Free Talk Live and Freedom Feens. He also performs on live internet radio vodcasts Peace News, Bitcoin Talk Show, Sick Sad World, and The Bitcoin Group. In 2012, he committed produced a documentary called “Victimless Crime Spree” which chronicles his journey as he attempts to break free of his government chains. Learn more about Derrick J at his blog theDerrickJ.com

After volunteering for 5 years on a crisis helpline and working as a fundraiser for Greenpeace and the ACLU, Derrick J left his gayborhood in Philadelphia for Keene, NH in 2011 when Molyneaux, Rand, and Mises flipped on his “Liberty light-switch.”

Once in Keene he became a regular cohost of the nationally syndicated talk radio show Free Talk Live as well as initiating and participating in several other freedom-enhancing endeavors such as one-on-one outreach, videography, Fr33 Agents Radio News, Flaming Freedom, Live Free Or Dance parties, Cop-Blocking, blogging, and Agorism.

Derrick J recently completed a Victimless Crime Spree which ended with his dramatic arrest and incarceration for 60 days. All of his crimes were documented and Aryanformed into a 90-minute film. In order to avoid further damage, he is self-imposing an exile from Keene on August 18th and will begin touring the country in search of others who are living free.

Activism Curriculum Vitae:

Host, Peace News Now Live Podcast, 2012-present
Producer, Daily Peace News Now, 2012-2013
Director, Victimless Crime Spree Movie, 2012
Don’t Take the Plea Deal Outreach, 2011-2012
Arrest, Disobedient Filming in District Court Lobby, 2011
Technical Director / Investigative Journalist, FreeKeeneTV, 2011-2012
Arrest, Live Free Or Dance Party creator, 2011
Arrest, Give Peace a Chance, 2011
Guest host, Puke & the Gang, 2011
Arrest, “Criminal” Trespass Filming at Superior Court, 2012
Arrest, Evading Service on Bicycle, 2012
Blogger, FreeKeene.com, 2011-present
Monthly co-host, Flaming Freedom, 2011-present
Weekly co-host, Free Talk Live, 2011-present
Founder, Fr33manTV, 2011-present
Top Agent, Fr33Agents.com, 2011-present
Creator, RedressYourGrievances.com, 2012
FreeKeene Karaoke Organizer, 2012-present
Founder, Free Speech Fridays, 2011-present
KAC Beautification League, 2011-present

Working World:
Greenpeace International, 2009
American Civil Liberties Union, 2009-2010
Agorist delivery, 2009-2011

Brandeis Students United Against the Drug Rotenberg Center, 2007-2008
Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, 2007-2008
Brandeis Academic Debate and Speech Society, 2007-2008

High School:
Drug Abuse Resource & Suicide Prevention Hotline Volunteer, 2003-2007
President, Gay-dirty Alliance, 2005-2007
Co-Founder, Students United Against Rage & Bullying, 2007