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Japanese Whaling Short Quota, Blame Peaceful Resisters

There were definitely sabotage campaigns behind the figure.”
Japanese Fisheries Agency Official

The BBC reported on Friday that with the season over, the Japanese Fisheries Agency announced their whalers accumulated less than a third of their annual goal. In total, 266 minke whales were caught and one fin whale. Though there has been an international ban on commercial whaling for over 25 years, their objective is to catch about 1,000 of the mammals annually “for scientific research.”

The agency holds anti-whaling activists responsible for the whalers’ lack of success.

AFP spoke with an agency official who said, “The catch was smaller than planned due to factors including weather conditions and sabotage acts by activists. There were definitely sabotage campaigns behind the figure.”

One group involved in the peaceful resistance is called Sea Shepherd. They trail the Japanese fleet and make attempts to disrupt its hunt by positioning their ship between the harpoon and the whales while spraying water cannons into the air to block whalers from taking accurate shots.

While the agents of the state in Australia have pursued legal action against agents of the state in Japan in the International Court of Justice, the brave activists are being the change they want to see in the world and are having an impact today despite the great risk to themselves.

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Interview with Jewish Human Rights Activist Liza Behrendt

This Thursday I had the pleasure of interviewing Human Rights Activist Liza Behrendt. Liza is a young jew From Durham, New Hampshire who cares about the future of Jewish people and of all people. She Studied at Brandeis University and lives in Brooklyn, New York working as a Community Organizing Coordinator at the Gay Men’s Health Crisis Center. She was arrested as part of occupy Wall St and is an active voice on behalf of injustice everywhere. Recently, Liza was featured in a video by Code Pink Action that went viral overnight.

In my interview with Liza for Fr33manTV, I asked her about AIPAC’s history and influence as well as what she’d like to see for the future of peaceful resistance against state terrorism. While she seems to be a statist, she is certainly an ally when it comes to furthering the dialogue of peaceful solutions to ending wars.

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Redress Your Grievances!

I started a new site for you, if you’re a person who has a grievance with government. It’s at, and it collects everyone’s grievances into a searchable wiki database. Tell me what you think!

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Fr33 Agents Radio News 2012-03-09

Fr33 Agents Radio News for Friday, March 9, 2012

On this episode:

Agent Praetgeist reports on Academia’s Criticism of California‚Äôs Three-Strikes Law

Agent DerrickJ reports on Anonymous’ PWN of the Vatican


An interview with Peaceful Resister and Promoter of Peace, Liza Behrendt.

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Anonymous Redresses Centuries-Old Grievance

Reuters reported that the website for the Vatican, Vatican.VA was inaccessible this Wednesday after an announcement by a branch of the hacktivists known as Anonymous claimed responsibility for the cyber-attack. Members of the decentralized group were quoted as saying the site take-down was in response to the Roman Catholic Church’s interference with daily Roman life as well as an endless list of historical scandals such as selling indulgences in the 1500’s and burning non-believers at the stake during the Inquisition.

Anonymous explained their actions in their own words by changing the text of the website to the following: “Today, Anonymous has decided to put your site under siege in response to your doctrine, liturgy and the absurd and anachronistic rules that your profit-making organization spreads around the world.”

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Fr33 Agents Radio News 2012-03-08

Fr33 Agents Radio News for Thursday, March 8, 2012

Agent TalleyTV reports:
Why Have Americans Stopped Fighting Back Against the Forces of Oppression?

Agent Ian Freeman reports on Derrick J being assaulted by a crossing guard

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Arrested for Recording In Court

On June 27, 2011, in Keene, NH, I was kidnapped by agents of the state. It was 30 minutes before work, and I was finishing up my weekly “Don’t Take the Plea Deal” outreach at City Hall (below the court). Then I heard that my friend Ademo had been arrested for asking a judge some questions. I turned on my camera and went upstairs to inquire. Within 6 seconds, I was arrested for recording.

After being released from my kidnappers, I prepared for trial.

My motion to dismiss was denied, but the charges were dropped a day before trial.

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Fr33 Agents Radio News 2012-03-07

Fr33 Agents Radio News for Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Topics for today:

TalleyTV reports for
New Hampshire May Decriminalize Marijuana

Ian Freeman reports for
FreeKeene Radio News for the week of March 5th, 2012

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Give Peace a Chance Arrest

This post contains everything related to my arrest for possessing 0.1 gram of cannabis.

Adam Kokesh of “Adam vs. the Man” filmed and edited this video of my arrest:

Here are playlists of videos from others who attended the “Give Peace A Chance” event:

Jason Talley of Talley.TV:

Cecelia Freechild of

Civil Disobedience Courts Video

Live Free Or Dance Arrest

Everything associated with my Live Free Or Dance Party arrest at Central Square in Keene, NH

Here’s a playlist of videos documenting the Live Free Or Dance arrest from multiple angles:

Here’s the video of my trial, in which I defended myself against agents of the state. I was found guilty on all 3 charges, so I have appealed to a higher court and await a jury trial April 9th, 2012.

Here are the relevant documents for the trial:


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