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Free Talk Live 2012-02-28

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DerrickJ in Exile (Please Support!)

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Update!  This fundraiser was successful in releasing me from jail!  Now I am self-imposing an Exile from the Shire, where I will be traveling the country and documenting the liberty activism I encounter along the way.   Click here to find out how you can support me in this endeavor!

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Derrick J is one of the more prolific activists that I’ve encountered. Considering the work that he’s done here at Fr33 Agents, he’s also one of the most effective. Unfortunately, when going up against the State it can be like a David vs. Goliath (or Derrick vs. Leviathan) situation. Derrick has been a driving force behind the relaunch of Fr33 Agents so if you would like to see this and other projects continue, please consider helping Derrick in his time of need. Here’s what Derrick has to say at his Defense Fund page at

Monday, February 27, 2012, I was video recording for the Shire Free Press outside of the Cheshire County Superior Court building. I was arrested for “trespassing.” While others who have been served identical “no trespass” orders were standing beside me, I was clearly singled out. This arrest may result in the theft of $2,000 bail which I posted for my previous arrest (Give Peace a Chance). The bail posted in this arrest was $1,000. In order to adequately prepare my defense for charges totaling up to 3 years in a cage, I am raising $500. Thank you for helping me to carve out peace and freedom from the violent and controlling rock of the state.

Arrests Made as Carlos Miller joined by Fr33 Agents to Record Courthouse Corruption

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[box]This article originally appeared at and was written by Garret Ean.[/box]

The cheshire county superior courthouse was the scene of two arrests early yesterday. A third arrest took place down the street from the courthouse after deputies followed Derrick J to his car to arrest him for trespassing, for having gotten too close to the building. This occurred some time after a comical and inspiring foot pursuit Derrick led deputies on as he inched farther away from their approach.

Miami journalist Carlos Miller was in the area following the NH Liberty Forum. He visited Keene on Monday to survey the status of right to record issues plaguing courts in the southwest portion of the state. For a while, a camera ban had been enforced in Keene courthouses but surprisingly today, bailiffs allowed Ademo Freeman through security with a video camera. Previously, cameras were only permitted through once the validated motion to record was in hand. As Carlos filmed the security theater, bailiffs noticeably kept their gaze away from the lens until they were prompted to give a response. Within forty seconds of the operating camera being made an issue of by bailiff Fredrickson, a call is made to sheriff’s deputies that, “We’ve got somebody who refuses to turn off a camera.” Within two minutes, deputy Caleb Dodson had backed Carlos and his camera out of the lobby with quickly repeated threats of arrest. It is at this point that deputies arrest Ian Freeman and Kelly Voluntaryist for violating no trespassing orders they had previously been given by sheriff Dick Foote. Footage of the arrests is difficult to discern as the camera is forced out just ahead of the seizure.

Carlos Miller had, prior to the arrests, done the activity which had caused the original no trespassing orders to be issued to the three arrested. He waited in the parking lot to question court officials — more specifically, judges who use unwritten laws to suppress photography and videography. No word yet on how fruitful the stakeout was.

Ian was released on PR bail around noon. Kelly was released a few hours later, and there was a delay in Derrick’s release when the bail commissioner left the jail before returning to liberate him. A court hearing on the matter is scheduled for April 17. To date, seven people have been given no trespassing orders to prevent them from appearing at the courthouse under penalty of arrest.

Fr33 Agents in Keene Featured in New Documentary Trailer

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The trailer for State of Liberty was screened at the 2012 Liberty Forum in Nashua, NH. It’s being produced by a group of Keene State College students and focuses on the activism that takes place in the small town of Keene, New Hampshire.

It’s due to be released this summer and you can follow this production on Facebook and Twitter for updates on upcoming screenings and events.

The documentary is being recorded at a good time for me because it will share Judge Burke’s illegal activity with a wider audience and how it led to my arrest for possession of a camera in a courthouse.

Fr33 Agents Radio News 2012-2-28

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Fr33 Agents Radio News 2-26-2012

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Bradley Manning’s Trial Prolonged Again

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Bradley Manning, the man who leaked the footage of the US Military recklessly firing at journalists from helicopters in Iraq, was scheduled to have an arraignment this week.  There Bradley would have the opportunity to plea guilty or innocent, and whether or not he wanted a military judge or a jury to preside over the case.  The Guardian reported this Thursday Bradley chose to remain silent on those two issues.  Manning faces 22 charges, and if found guilty, would serve a sentence of life in military prison.

His trial date is set for the 3rd of August later this year.  Having already spent over 635 days in military prison, he will have been waiting in prison for over 800 days by the time the trial begins.

This is a classic case of shooting the messenger.  Agents of the state have murdered innocent civilians with no purpose except their own twisted gratification, and the man who points that out must suffer to send a clear message from the US military to the world:  Put up with senseless state violence, or spend life in prison.

Fr33 Agents Radio News 2-25-2012

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Fr33 Agents Radio News 2012-02-24

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Fr33 Agents Radio News 2012-02-23

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