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FR33 Agents Radio News 2012-22-02

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Free Talk Live 2012-02-21

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Over 1,000 Tibetans Protest Sunday, Gov’t Denies it Happened

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The International Campaign for Tibet said Monday that, “The 18-year-old monk, identified as Nangdrol, set himself alight Sunday in Sichuan province’s Rangtang county.”

Over 1000 gathered in Sichuan Sunday night to attend a vigil for the deceased young man.

The AFP also reported that “An official surnamed Huang, who works for the finance department of the Rangtang government, denied the self-immolation and gathering had taken place.”

22 Tibetans have self-immolated within the last year as a response to the martial law imposed on Tibetan businesses and monasteries by agents of the Chinese government.  State agents are preemptively surveilling places of worship 24-hours a day and cutting phone and Internet communications for some in the region in an effort to control the individuals who live free.

Fr33 Agents Radio News 2012-02-20

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Fr33 Agents Radio News 2012-02-19

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Ladies In Keene Discuss Keene’s BearCat

Published by: hosts a live podcast each Sunday in which they discuss liberty topics, activism, and local issues from a female perspective. In this week’s episode, the ladies discussed their perspectives on the residents’ resistance to the Keene police department’s acquisition of a tank. Cohosts Anarcho-Ali, Cecelia Freechild, Kager, and Shaunna lead the discussion and ultimately agree that they would each be better off without paying for a group of men with costumes and guns to parade around the streets in a tank.

School Historically Sucks

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In an educational video produced this week by School Sucks Project creator Brett Veinotte, viewers are presented with a little-known history of modern “education.”  Did you know that Horace Mann, the father of public education in North America, acknowledged the destructive power that the public education has over the minds of children?  Mann stated, “If Prussia can pervert the benign influences of education to the support of arbitrary power, we can surely employ them for the support and perpetuation of republican institutions.”  Brett makes it clear in his video that creativity and freedom of thought are squelched by public schools by design.

Asians Ablaze

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The Associated Press reported on a story this week of a growing trend of resistance in Tibet:

This Friday during a prayer ceremony, a Tibetan Buddhist monk named Tamchoe Sangpo lit himself on fire to protest the intrusion of Chinese paramilitary agents who invaded the monastery a month ago and refuse to leave. That brings the total number of Tibetan monk and nun self-immolations this year to 21.

China’s police and military have blocked off Tibetan areas to outsiders while imposing their presence inside the towns and monasteries. The Dalai Lama, the Tibetan Buddhist leader says he seeks increased autonomy for the Tibetan people. Agents of the Chinese government hold the Dalai Lama responsible for the anti-military protests which have resulted in the Chinese paramilitary killing an unknown number of Tibetans.

Hundreds of Tibetans who have received religious instruction from the Dalai Lama have been kidnapped and forced into indoctrination centers by agents of the Chinese government.

Friday’s self-immolation by Sangpo comes just days before the Tibetan new year this Wednesday.

Moscow Motorists Protest Putin

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Protesting Putin’s run in the upcoming March 4th elections, about 150 motorists and 2,000 street protesters gathered in Moscow to show discontent with the regime. They rode in cars adorned with ribbons and balloons to compete with a pro-Putin rally held earlier in the day.

Vladimir Putin was president of Russia from 2000-2008. Due to constitutional restrictions, he was not able to run for a 3rd consecutive term, but instead has ruled as Prime Minister since 2008. Now running for Presidential re-election for his 3rd non-consecutive term, he could potentially rule until 2024, Reuters reports.

The article continued, “Opponents say state workers are pressured to attend pro-Putin rallies with a combination of threats and payments and that police exaggerate the size of the crowds while underestimating the size of opposition protests.”

Fr33 Agents Radio News 2-18-2012

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