Free Talk Live 1-31-2012

Click Here for the Free Talk Live Episode Page For MP3 Right Click and Select “Save As…” Tonight was the Florida primary, so I took the opportunity to talk about secession and Ron Paul.

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Free Talk Live 2012-01-31

Free State Project hits 1,000 Participants :: Liberty Forum :: Radio Hosts Upset About Ron Paul Callers :: Recording Police :: Use Tax? :: Indy Super State Update :: Locked into Workplace Insurance :: Mutual Aid Society :: Ron Paul in Maine :: Need Police for Protection? :: Black Expo Shootings :: Gangs and Prohibition […]

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New FR33 Agents Radio News

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Launch of FR33 Agents Radio News!

Tonight (Sunday, January 29, 2012) was the launch of a new podcast which will cover the latest stories of peaceful resistance around the globe. Thanks to Ian Freeman of LRN.FM, these daily updates will play on LRN.FM at the top of every hour. To subscribe to the feed, click here!

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Flaming Freedom

This Saturday night, I traveled across the Shire to Manchester to join the crew of Flaming Freedom. It was a huge success touching on the subjects of: NH bill allows business to refuse service to gay couples Different age of consent for gay marriages James Franco gay sex scenes Christians apologize for oppressing LGBT Forced […]

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Hostess Aids Peaceful Evolution

This story comes from Freedoms Phoenix, January 30, 2012: ———————————————————————- This happened on TAM airlines. A 50-something year old white woman arrived at her seat and saw that the passenger next to her was a black man. Visibly furious, she called the air hostess. “What’s the problem, m’am?” the hostess asked her. “Can’t you see?” […]

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Pulled Over for No Reason

I was pulled over while driving 50 mph in a 55 mph zone. The officer alleges I was going 72. That is impossible because I was stuck behind a slow-moving pickup truck for about 20 miles, and that truck was keeping me slowed at a pace of 50 mph. I was driving from Keene to […]

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Agent Derrick J Catches Cop in Lie

Agent Derrick J. Freeman was pulled over yesterday, and he started recording. The cop alleged that he was speeding, going 72mph in a 55mph zone. Derrick J knew this was impossible because he was stuck behind a slow-moving truck going 50mph for at least 15 minutes. The cop bluffs about Freeman’s filming him being illegal, […]

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Kelly Shames Kopcha

Live Free Or Dance Trial: Kelly Voluntaryist took an opportunity to shame Michael Kopcha of the Keene Police Department when, during the viewing of video evidence in which the public servant pepper sprays a nonviolent handcuffed man, she storms out of the courtroom and calls him a monster.

Love Letters

Love Letter Blues

I received 3 love letters from agents of the state today. They are featured below. This has been happening every mail day for weeks. I consider it harassment.