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Keene Traffic Court Flood

December 6, 2011 – Keene Police Department – 5 activists roll in with tickets in hand, all asking for their day in court. No victim, no crime.

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Don’t Take the Plea Outreach

I stayed up last night editing videos and working on the site, so when 7am came around, I decided to shower and go to the District Court to hand out “Don’t Take the Plea Deal” flyers. I got to hand out 15 today, including 1 to a member of law enforcement (who requested “the new […]

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Keene PD Illegally Denies Pistol License

Last week I applied for a concealed carry license because winter clothes make it nearly impossible to open carry and driving with a loaded gun is a crime in NH. New Hampshire is a shall-issue state, which means that if a person qualifies, he must be given a license.


Teacher Censors Protest

A Professor at Plymouth State thinks it’s the right thing to do to tell her students to shut up instead of voicing their opinions. This is HER protest, darnit, and her puppets will stand there and shut their faces!

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Licence to Carry Concealed Denied – I Appeal

Recently I received a piece of mail from a Mr. Goodchild, a “Detective” from the Keene Police Department. This “Detective” stated that he denied my application for a concealed carry license because possessing a firearm or ammunition allegedly violates my bail conditions. I walked into the Keene Police Department today with Ademo Freeman of […]

Civil Disobedience Courts Freedom to Travel FreeKeene

Psychological Peacefare

Great day for liberty activists, bad day for Keene City bureaucrats. This morning I met with 4 other activists to inform the “City of Keene” that we would all be taking our traffic tickets to court. It took an hour at the Keene Police Department just to inform them and get court dates (mine is […]

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Occupy NH Becomes Self-Aware

Yesterday Fr33manTV went to Hookset, NH with liberty activists Ian Freeman, TalleyTV, and Kelly Voluntaryist to investigate and participate in the first Occupy New Hampshire General Assembly. After 3 hours of polite deliberation, the only thing the GA decided was the time and date of their next meeting.

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Sovereigns in Action

I am the luckiest guy in the world.  I live at the Shire and am constantly surrounded by amazing people. Tonight at the Keene Activist Center, TalleyTV informed me that Amanda Bouldin was arrested for not producing ID.  Within 4 minutes of her leaving a voice-message on Porcupine411, activists began grabbing cameras, calling/driving to the […]


Press Release: NH Man Commits Victimless Crime Spree

A man in Keene has ended his crime spree after being arrested twice this past week for the crimes of Obstructing Government Administration, Resisting Arrest, Refusing to Process, Possession of Marijuana, and Violating Bail Conditions.