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Count it

WSRQ Radio, Sarasota, FL

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Traffic Court Arraignments

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Today I went to District Court in Keene for my arraignment for alleged parking violations. I was joined by 3 other activists contesting tickets who also had arraignment. Nemi Jones, Cecelia Freechild, and Kelly Voluntaryist. We were joined by cameramen and activists who came out to support us like Ian Freeman, Pete Eyre, Jason Rapsher, and David Crawford.
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Sovereigns in Action

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I am the luckiest guy in the world.  I live at the Shire and am constantly surrounded by amazing people.

Tonight at the Keene Activist Center, TalleyTV informed me that Amanda Bouldin was arrested for not producing ID.  Within 4 minutes of her leaving a voice-message on Porcupine411, activists began grabbing cameras, calling/driving to the police department, writing blogposts, customizing “Free Amanda” posters, and updating Facebook walls.  An hour or two later and we’re celebrating her release, informing our friends and leaving messages on Porcupine411.

What a dream.  I love my voluntary family.