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New Sick Sad World Website

I’ve been working on a show called Sick Sad World for the past few weeks, and it’s finally getting the point where it warrants its own website. I’m proud to present this website I put together today. Poke around the links, and please give me any feedback you may have.

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Can You Achieve Your Highest Goal? | DJVlog #5

Yesterday helped get me focussed on what I want to achieve in life. My highest goal is world peace. Can I achieve that? How can it be done? Will you help me?

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PNN Live #67 Liberty Love Fest 4

In this episode, I interview politicians who are running for office in New Hampshire (to try and make it more free than it already is), and Kristin Alpert talks Liberty Love Fest, plus Peace News, and more!

Matt Phillips – Free Stater running for Bedford, NH Town Council


Kristin Alpert – Liberty Love Fest 4,


Dan Itse – NH State Rep, Author of “States Have Powers”


(HOAX) Connecticut Police Refuse to Enforce New Gun Laws This story turned out to be false reporting based on a hoax.


Feds Dismiss 11 Charges Against Barrett Brown


Parent Bashes Cop’s Head into Wall

Digital Common Law Autonomous Dispute Resolution

Check out this episode!

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Hitting the Mental Reset Button

Today I am taking a break from work and stress and just walking around Philadelphia enjoying all the beauty. This makes me happy to be alive. When I was in jail, I regretted not doing this more often when I was on the outside. Here’s to making up for lost time!

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PNN Now Accepts Dogecoin & Namecoin

QR-Codes-PNNToday I added Dogecoin and Namecoin to the list of crypto-currencies Peace News Now accepts. PNN is 100% viewer-sponsored and always has been since its inception in 2012. Please help to keep the message of peace pumping through the internet and airwaves by consistently opening your crypto-wallet to send a micropayment whenever you enjoy a blogpost or podcast. Until I can either get a PC or a Namecoin wallet that can work on a Mac, I am sending all of PNN’s Namecoin donations to the good folks at for a very important project involving internet freedom. Thank you, if you’re one of the people who makes Peace News Now possible.PNN-bitcoin-qr

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New Daily Journal Vlog

I started a new daily journal vlog yesterday. The goal is to broadcast live on Google+ and YouTube from my “Derrick J Live” account every day at noon. In each episode, I will set goals for the day and track my progress from the previous day. Below are the first two episodes. Click here to subscribe.

Day 1

Link to video:

Day 2

Link to video:

Did you know that I actually started on YouTube as a vlogger back in 2008? It’s true! Here is my first YouTube video, which I created as a way to keep in touch with family while I was away at college. I was 18 years old.

Derrick J’s First Vlog (Sept 2008):

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Satoshi Nakamoto Found by Newsweek?

Newsweek Cover
Newsweek Cover

I don’t think so.

The magazine, which returned to print this week, returned to news stands with the impressive headline: “Bitcoin’s Face: The Mystery Man Behind the Crypto-Currency“. The author, Leah McGrath Goodman, claims she followed the trail all the way to the end, and found the elusive creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. What do you think?

It turns out, Miss Goodman discovered, that Satoshi used his real full name on the forums.  That’s odd for a guy who values his privacy. Oh, and he called the cops on the reporter when she wanted to come speak to him. That tells you he’s not afraid to have his name and house associated with a police report about bitcoin.

satoshi house
Satoshi’s supposed house

And while Ms Goodman’s article reads like a cheesy novella thriller, it actually lacks the type of compelling evidence that would seal the deal for crypto-junkies. Proof in the age of bitcoin means showing a signed message on the genesis block or some blocks known to belong to Satoshi.

Whether or not this reporter actually found what she was looking for is in dispute, but Gavin Anderson, lead developer for the Bitcoin team, tweeted his regret.


Gavin Twitter


Reddit is abuzz with speculation with regard to the authenticity of these claims. Many are quick to point out that no definitive proof yet exists that can link this man to Satoshi’s known online identity. But why would Satoshi reveal himself? He must know that producing a figurehead for the currency will put him in the line of sights for angry governments disrupted by the blockchain technology. Some of the top comments on Reddit suggest “doxing” Ms Goodman as retribution.

However Ms Goodman has little to lose and everything to gain by becoming the focal point of hater nerd rage. People will buy Newsweek’s new print edition for its novelty and catchy cover story, television news will be talking about this for a few days, and the internet will be talking about this article for weeks. Whether or not it’s true, it will succeed as click-bait and as a story that everyone is talking about. Until the real identity of Satoshi is revealed with indisputable proof, I’m skeptical of the claim.

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Hosting the Angel Clark Show this week

This week Angel Clark and Famous Dave are with all the cool kids at the Texas Bitcoin Conference. I decided to stay behind and keep all the radio shows broadcasting exciting live news and entertainment. Here’s a taste of what I’ve been doing these past few days:

Peace News Now | Sunday, Mar 2, 2014

Angel Clark Show | Monday, Mar 3, 2014

Angel Clark Show | Tuesday, Mar 4, 2014

Peace News Now | Tuesday, Mar 4, 2014

Click Here to download episode #65 of PNN Live

Click Here to download episode #66 of PNN Live

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What to Know Filming Police

Hey *****,

I recommend the books, Why Peace (edited by Marc Guttman), The Most Dangerous Superstition (Larken Rose), and Adventures in Legal Land (Marc Stevens).


– Negative outcomes:
– Arrest and charges, facing time in a concrete cell, loss of freedom, separation from family, fees, criminal record, trial (motions, hearings, bench trial, jury trial, appeal, grand, supreme…blah blah lots of court)

– The possible benefits of filming the police are:
– An objective record of what is happening at a certain place in time and space, and vindication.

– Everyone should choose for himself whether or not he is going to film at any given time. It’s not something only activists do, and it’s not something activists always do. Dave Ridley, a popular New Hampshire video blogger and Right to Record activist has backed down on several occasions when pressured by law enforcers.

The key is to Record in a time and place of your choosing. Dave backed down those times so that he could come back and return with more support, and make a bigger message — frame it YOUR way on YOUR terms instead of on THEIR terms. That’s the best way to film police — offensively, but peacefully.

The other way to record is defensively. For example, you’re pulled over in your car. You should absolutely film that interaction. It is up to you whether or not you wish to inform the officer he or she is on camera. (I’ve never been informed that I was on their dash cam). Some people think it’s polite to inform them. I don’t do it unless it’s “required” by law.

The important thing to know is that filming the police can be dangerous. This is because video is the best tool which today anyone can use to shine a spotlight on the violence inherent in the system. That is very dangerous to the status quo. It means police behavior will have to change. That men who wear guns and batches could be held accountable for his actions at any moment. Police don’t want that. They want to control you. They want to have absolute authority to do what they want and get away with it. Cameras interfere with that. So yes, expect resistance. But obviously, this is a very important endeavor.


If I can be of any more help to you, *—-*, let me know. I hope to see the final product of what you produce when you’re finished.

Yours in peace,


On Apr 2, 2013, at 6:56 AM, *JOE SMITH* <> wrote:

I am writing an essay about filming police officers. What books/articles do you recommend? I am trying to answer the following questions:

-What are the possible benefits of filming police?
-What are possible negative outcomes of filming police?
-Should only activists film police? If not, why should anyone else do it?

If you could respond to these questions, I would be very grateful. I would include your words as an “e-mail interview,” and cite you accordingly.

Thanks for your time,

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Here’s Tom with the Weather

“A young man on acid today realized that there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here’s Tom with the weather…”