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FBI LIES, Invents “National Liberation Militia” Threat, Blames Anarchists

UPDATE: Oh, look. Nothing happened. Not ONE reported incident or article about the so-called “National Liberation Militia.” Could that be because the FBI invented stories about a non-existent group?   Ever heard of the “National Liberation Militia”? Neither had I…

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Uber Driver Arrested for Felony “Wiretapping”

Uber driver Christopher David, age 29, turned himself over to law enforcers in Portsmouth New Hampshire yesterday, Friday, November 6, 2015 after the gang issued an order to kidnap him for the alleged crime of felony wiretapping. The charge was in response to a YouTube video posted by David featuring an encounter he had while picking up passengers from the […]

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How Cities Steal Your Money | Free Talk SF Download Podcast Breakdown of the 2015 San Francisco ballot measures: A – NO B – YES C – NO D – NO E – YES F – NO G – NO H – NO I – NO J – NO K – NO

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Lets Drink Ocean Water | Free Talk SF

Why do Derrick J and Steven want to drink from the ocean? Answer: FREEDOM! Plus! Who is best to patrol a community for safety? Not the police! Can’t communities do that themselves? Recorded October 9, 2015 Download Podcast

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NH Supreme Court Upholds Denial of License to Carry Discreetly | Free Talk Live

In July 2014, I applied for a License to Carry a Firearm Discreetly. The local police chief claimed that I am not suitable for such a license and denied my application. I appealed to the local court, and the infamous Judge Burke upheld the decision. I then appealed to the NH Supreme Court, and this […]