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Ferguson Missouri Riots | CopBlockRadio

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Ferguson Missouri Riots | CopBlock Radio | Aug 13, 2014

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Call in Live! | Cop Block Radio

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Introducing Liberty Bits

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Eric LaRoche is an awesome liberty activist. He lives near Keene, NH and hosts the CopBlock Radio Show on every Wednesday night at 10pm. He asked me on recently to cohost, and I’ve been enjoying taking up the reigns.

Not only does he do great broadcasting, he has been taking clips from popular liberty podcasts and cutting them into easily digestible pieces. Check out this latest vid for his youtube channel, Liberty Bits, featuring Peace News Now:

Officers Indicted for Robbery | CopBlock Radio

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Chihuahua Left for Dead after Owner Arrested


Assault Victim Jailed to Ensure She’ll Testify

6 Philly Cops Indicted for 26 Charges of Robbery, Extortion, Kidnapping

Judge Who Imposed 57-year Mandatory Minimum Sentence Gets Reduced to 20

Family Sues Orange County Sheriffs Over Violent SWAT Raid

Police Response to Noise Complaint “Uncalled For”


Mother-to-be Arrested By Mistake

Minneapolis Police Arrest Community Activist


3 DUI Arrests, Revoked License, Still on Sheriff Payroll


Bill O’Reilly Hates CopBlock | CopBlock Radio

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Tonight is my first time co-hosting the CopBlock Radio Show on with Eric Freerock. I’m looking forward to talking about police accountability around the country and here in Keene, NH. The Keene Police have denied me a concealed carry license, and I am appealing that decision here.

Show Notes:

Bill O’Reilly Attempts to Belittle the Positive Impact of CopBlocking


Video: NY Man Dies in Struggle During Arrest

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