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Charges Dropped Against Cop Blocker Adam Rupeka

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Derrick J pleads Guilty to a parking ticket, but Judge Burke says “NO!” James Butler of Florida CopWatch joins. A Berlin, NJ woman was stabbed to death in her front driveway after police failed to issue her a gun permit in time. Steffon Josey-Davis is pardoned for the victimless “crime” of having a gun in New Jersey. Plus, Adam Rupeka’s charges are dropped! This episode also feature a new CopBlock Store commercial!

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Robin Hood Arrested on False Charges, Live-Streams Warrantless Search

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Blue lights start flashing behind you on a lonely Virginia highway. What do you do? James Cleaveland started recording. What happened next, he could have never predicted. It’s a good thing he got it all on film!

UPDATE: James’ charges have been dropped. Many speculate this is due to his video record of the events.

James Cleaveland Arrested…ased-on-1000-bond/

Storm Trooper Blocking

Justice for Africa Protest Against Killer Cops

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Activists Helping or Hurting Ross Ulbricht?

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Federal Reserve Fantasy :: James Cleaveland Arrested for Prescription Pills :: Refusing a Search :: Wiretapping :: Planting Drugs :: Knowingly Possessing :: Family Begs to Stop Calls to Police, But James OK With Those Calls :: Frightened Family :: LA Cop Shoots Homeless Man to Death :: Calling the Cops Out on Bad Behavior :: Activsts Helping or Hurting Ross Ulbricht? :: Smuggling TV Shows Into North Korea

Cop Pulls Gun on Peaceful Protestors

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100s of Attorneys VS Bad Cops

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How Does a CopBlocker Prepare for Trial?

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“I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” –• Thomas Jefferson

On this episode of CopBlock Radio, Ademo joins us from DEO’s underground bunker in Cleveland, Ohio. DEO Shares a story of a man killed by police for throwing rocks. “Straight Razor” calls in to share his perspective as a law enforcer in Texas. And finally, Derrick J shares the story of a CopBlocker in Keene NH who this week was sentenced to 1.5 years in jail for recording police.

“Freedom is not something that anybody can be given. Freedom is something people take, and people are as free as they want to be” –• James Baldwin

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CopBlock Protection Is the Remedy for Police Abuse

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Craziest Cop Stories of the Week | CopBlock Radio | Jan 28, 2015

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On this episode of CopBlock Radio, Ademo drops a major announcement about CopBlock Protection, a service that provides media attention to your police encounter, among other things. We also take live calls and questions about what to do when police are following you, and even get into Ademo’s love life a little bit. We conclude with some fun videos about how mailmen handle angry dogs better than cops, and one infuriating video of a Seattle cop arresting an old man for using a cane. Catch CopBlock Radio live every Wednesday from 10p to Midnight EST at

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Why I Film the Police | CopBlock Radio

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