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Derrick vs Keene Police | Free Talk Live | Sept 8, 2014

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Fascism Is Real and Alive | CopBlock Radio | Sep 3, 2014

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Cop Troll Wins Victory | CopBlock Radio | Aug 27, 2014

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Ferguson Protests Evolve | Cop Block Radio

Washington Post Reporter Arrested in Ferguson, MO (night of last copblockradio show)


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Ferguson Cops Arrest Media | CopBlock Radio | Aug 20 2014

Ferguson Riot Police Wound Reporter in Attack on Protesters


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Ferguson Riot Police Arrest Reporters

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“Wesley is one of the finest young reporters I’ve come across. He has solid reporting skills, a dogged determination, good instincts, and a strong ethical compass,” – Gregory Lee, President of the National Association of Black Journalists

First, shooting an unarmed black teen and leaving him bleeding in the street for hours. Second, summoning military occupation-style stormtrooper tanks and weapons. Third, keeping the names of all the police involved secret from the public, and now finally arresting a journalist from the Washington Post.

The militarization of police. Once “civil servants” in blue, now an occupying force in black or military camo.

In a late-night article to the Washington Post, the journalist recounts the story of his arrest. He was thrown into a soda machine and handcuffed for not following orders fast enough. Documenting the occupation of a militarized police state can be risky. More cameras on and ready, please!

Video here.


Be the change you wish to see in the world. Carry a camera with you everywhere you go, and be ready to use it on police. If arrested, follow Wesley’s example: remain calm, and be polite. Everything will be alright.

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Ferguson Missouri Riots | CopBlockRadio

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Ferguson Missouri Riots | CopBlock Radio | Aug 13, 2014

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Ferguson Missouri Riots


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Arrested for Yelling at Police Dog

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Osama Crosses US Border | Angel Clark Show | Aug 12, 2014

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18-Year-Old Teen Killed by Police

Name is Michael Brown


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Police State Monday | Angel Clark Show

Monday, August 11, 2014

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Los Angeles Woman Punched in Face Speaks Out