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Police State Monday | Angel Clark Show | Aug 11, 2014

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Los Angeles Woman Punched in Face Speaks Out


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Cop Drives Drunk through White Castle Sirens Blazing, Just Playing Around


Woman Sues After Unwittingly Becoming a Hostage in a Drill By Local Police


Police Shoot Innocent Grandfather in Front of His Grandchildren During Hostage Situation


Former Metro Cop Gets  House Arrest

Activism CopBlock CopBlock Radio LiveStream News Video

Officers Indicted for Robbery | CopBlock Radio

Chihuahua Left for Dead after Owner Arrested


Assault Victim Jailed to Ensure She’ll Testify

6 Philly Cops Indicted for 26 Charges of Robbery, Extortion, Kidnapping

Judge Who Imposed 57-year Mandatory Minimum Sentence Gets Reduced to 20

Family Sues Orange County Sheriffs Over Violent SWAT Raid

Police Response to Noise Complaint “Uncalled For”


Mother-to-be Arrested By Mistake

Minneapolis Police Arrest Community Activist


3 DUI Arrests, Revoked License, Still on Sheriff Payroll


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Drug War Claims Innumerable Victims | Fox News Un-Spun

This week, Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly of Fox News talked about, a police accountability website. In their segment, they mocked founder Ademo Freeman for being a “two-time victim of the War on Drugs.” What’s funny about that? Aren’t we all victims of the War on Drugs? Share your thoughts below.