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Officers Indicted for Robbery | CopBlock Radio

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Chihuahua Left for Dead after Owner Arrested


Assault Victim Jailed to Ensure She’ll Testify

6 Philly Cops Indicted for 26 Charges of Robbery, Extortion, Kidnapping

Judge Who Imposed 57-year Mandatory Minimum Sentence Gets Reduced to 20

Family Sues Orange County Sheriffs Over Violent SWAT Raid

Police Response to Noise Complaint “Uncalled For”


Mother-to-be Arrested By Mistake

Minneapolis Police Arrest Community Activist


3 DUI Arrests, Revoked License, Still on Sheriff Payroll


Drug War Claims Innumerable Victims | Fox News Un-Spun

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This week, Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly of Fox News talked about, a police accountability website. In their segment, they mocked founder Ademo Freeman for being a “two-time victim of the War on Drugs.” What’s funny about that? Aren’t we all victims of the War on Drugs? Share your thoughts below.

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