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Lemonade Raw Milk Freedom Day 2012 LiveStream!

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Know Your Rights Conference A Huge Success

Today I attended the Know Your Rights Conference in the heart of Mordor: Washington D.C. It was a lovely and quaint event attended by about 45 people. There were 8 speakers who spoke for about 15-30 minutes each with time for breaks and questions in between.

The style was very informal, and the participants were quietly attentive but also spoke up to ask questions or make an insightful comments.

The dinner was excellent–sincerely one of the best of my life. It was self-serve buffet style, with no central planning dictating serving order. The self organization worked perfectly without a top-down approach to the meal. There was chicken, pork, cole-slaw, salad, bread, butter, and most importantly, raw milk. All of the food came from sustainable farms. It is unknown to me from whence the raw milk came, but I will tell you it was DELICIOUS. There’s truly nothing like it. I could immediately sense that I was consuming a living product: the raw milk itself is filled with health-supporting organisms!

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Know Your Rights DC 2012 Speech

Video streaming by Ustream

Here’s a link to all of the live-streamed videos from that day.

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Hanging with Super-Activist Eddie Free

As free men and women, fully capable of assessing the nutritional quality of our diet, we will decide for ourselves, without state intrusion, that which we voluntarily procure to sustain our lives.
~ Super-Activist Eddie Free

You may know Eddie Free from his dance parties at the Jefferson Memorial in D.C.

Or perhaps from his civilly disobedience Swimsuit Party in Ashbury Park, NJ?

Most likely, though, you know him through one of his extensive facebook pages, The Benevolent Order of Agorist Hunters, and Virginia, and Fr33 Agents among them.

Eddie Free is a national voluntaryist activist known for coordinating events attended by large crowds. How does he draw such multitudes? Expert networking. He uses facebook, twitter, blogs, e-mail lists, and other social media tools to promote events and encourage attendance at venues which inspire peaceful resistance to bad laws.

Easily one of the busiest and most active of the liberty community, a simple rundown of his website will show he’s been doing an interview a day to promote his latest event, Lemonade Raw Milk Freedom Day.

Check out for a rundown of this weekend’s activities and learn more about Eddie in his latest interview with AnCap Chase.

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LiveStream Lemonade Raw Milk Freedom Day

Video streaming by Ustream

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Ryan Maddox Shares Health!

The following are my notes on Ryan Maddox’s discussion of health:

Ryan Maddox’s Discussion on Nutrients and Dietary Supplements @ the KAC:


Pursuing Health costs money, so get the maximum results.

Purity and potency are what to look for in a product.

Before you go out to buy a product, know the intended result.

organic gynostemma pentaphyllum (gynostemma) – Tea, Grass, adaptogen — help you adapt to stressors (physiological)
— contains sapponens

hypothalamic pituitary adrenal

tolsi (holy basil) — (tea)

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Released From Jail

On Friday, March 30, I was kidnapped by men calling themselves the State of New Hampshire. My alleged crimes were Resisting Detention and Disobeying an Officer. Today I was released from my caging at the Cheshire County House of Corrections. Thank you to all involved in aiding in my release. I feel fortunate to live among such a supporting community of liberty lovers.

For in-depth analysis of the incident, check out the following sources who covered the story:

The Unedited Original Derrick J POV Camera Footage

Cecelia Freechild Breaks the News

Full Arrest video explaining everything leading up to the kidnapping, edited by Beau Davis and published to

The Arraignment video filmed and edited by Ian Freeman at

Many Thanks to Cecelia Freechild for being a key contact person as well as covering the story, supplying various media outlets:

Cecelia Corrects the Sentinel Article: Mouthpiece for the State or Just Lazy Reporting

Kate Ager of reports on my arraignment

Thank You to JJ and Anarcho-Ali for your coverage on FreeKeeneTV

Many Thanks to Ian for his blogposts at

Mail to Jail post

Arraignment Video and Blogpost

Ian’s Spot in FreeKeene Radio News

Thanks to Kelly Voluntaryist for her Correction of the Sentinel Article

I gave thanks to all who supported tonight and recapped the story for FreeTalkLive: Listen Here

Thank you again to those who donated to my bail fund and lawyer fund here.

Jason Talley Covered the Story as well as the End Result for

Cameras Capture Brutal Cop Taking Down Agent Derrick While Bicycling Home

Agent Derrick Released from Jail but Under House Arrest

FR33 Agents FR33MANTV Video

Don’t Strip Our Rights – Nekkid TSA Outreach

This video was made by my friend Liberty Rapsher. Check out his other hilarious videos!

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Cop Attacks Peaceful Man

A policewoman in Hollis, New Hampshire thought it was the right thing to do to take out her pepper spray and launch it unannounced into the eyes of peaceful 21-year-old Eric Geller, who was visiting his alma mater to have discussions with his former professors.

In my recent interview with Eric, he says that he can’t imagine how an imaginary entity, “The State of New Hampshire” is able to be a victim of his peaceful actions. He also says that he feels he has the right to stand on public property so long as he’s not hurting anyone or getting in the way, which he says he wasn’t. Eric seems to be pretty liberty-minded in every matter which I discussed with him, so I look forward to hearing more as this story develops. He is new to all this legal business, and I would like to offer my support in any way I can, even if it’s just attending his trial. He hasn’t decided whether or not he will take the issue to court or accept a plea offer, so maybe if others reach out to him, he will know he will not be fighting alone.

Audio FR33 Agents Networks Writing

Fr33 Agents Radio News 2012-03-14

Agent @derrick J reports:

Syrian Actress Speaks Out Against Bashar Al Assad

5 Charged with Resisting Arrest in UC Berkeley Occupy Protest

Rick Santorum Tells Constituents to Vote For Ron Paul