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Derrick J Reveals Body Alterations | Free Talk Live

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DJ Freaky Flow aka Stephen Aaron Grey joins us to discuss being an author and DJ. :: Electronic Music Listeners’ Political Philosophy :: Thorium :: Assange Hologram :: Are Apple and Google trustworthy for encrypting your phone? :: Assange Says Act for Change :: Hologram Technology :: Warrant Canaries :: Is Libertarianism on the rise? :: Christian Beheads Woman :: Body Alteration

Teacher Refuses to Give State Test | Free Talk Live | Sept 22, 2014

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Scotland Secession Vote Fraud :: Cop Shot Raiding Home :: Could New Hampshire Secede Next? :: Republican Bigots :: Old Statists Dying Off :: ISIS :: Tommy from Glasgow Answers Questions About Scottish Secession :: Huge UN Waste :: James in AZ Gets to Mark :: Teacher Refuses to Give State Test :: Teaching to the Test :: Police Domestic Abuse :: Attraction to Power


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The Social Contract is Fraud | Free Talk Live | Sept 15, 2014

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The Social Contract is Fraud :: Illegal Parking :: Controversial Robin Hood Video :: Embarrassed to Record :: Explaining The Pledge to a Six-Year-Old :: The Statist Scouts :: Pledge Interpretations Vary :: Drew’s Defense Hospitality Suite :: Fear of Cameras :: Boston Strong Yells Again :: Pay or Leave :: Aura of Legitimacy :: Parking Enforcement :: Who owns the stolen land?

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Derrick vs Keene Police | Free Talk Live | Sept 8, 2014

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Derrick Stands Up for Gun Rights in Court :: Unregistered Dead Dog :: Court to Punish Itself :: More Activism Than You Can Handle :: Expectations for Government :: Government is Force :: Economy of Scale and Monopoly Service :: Smart Statists :: Not Standing for the Pledge :: History of the Pledge :: Patriotism :: NAZI Pledge

Teacher Charged with Raping Student | Free Talk Live | Aug 25, 2014

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Student Arrested In Conflict Over Fictional Story :: Social Security :: Govt Schools Bad For Kids :: Derrick J Full Time Activist :: Bitcoin-Only Living :: Reasons to Use Bitcoin :: Tech Support Stories :: Decentralized Social Networking? :: Retail Product Placement :: Bitcoin Mining :: Molyneux Under Fire :: Internet Scams :: Teacher Charged with Raping Student

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Derrick Says Go Home | Free Talk Live | Monday Aug 18 2014

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Osama Bin Laden at US Border | Free Talk Live

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Documentary Filmmaker James O’Keefe Crosses Border in Osama Mask

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Pot Grower in Washington

Mike in Sascatoon: Robin Williams, depression, suicide

Matt in Jersey City: Thanks for shopping locally, using bitcoin, wants to move to New Hampshire

Ritchie in New Hampshire – What happened with Derrick J’s assaults?

Washington ‘Redskins’ Name Change | Free Talk Live

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Violence Is Unimaginative | Free Talk Live

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Offensive Facebook Posts Result in Visit from Terrorism Center :: Kokesh Takes Plea, Faces 15 Years :: Rich Paul Violation of Probation Update :: Violence for Self Defense Against the State? :: Violence Advocates’ Lack of Commitment :: Peaceful Solutions – Not Paying Taxes :: FBI Poking Around :: Lying to Federal Agents :: FBI Doesn’t Record :: Voluntary Response to Terrorism :: War-Seekers :: Roots of War :: Lying Police :: Alford Plea

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Bitcoin Wallet Apps Re-Enter IOS Store

Obama to Send Troops to Iraq

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0:00 Caller (Dave) reports of Feds investigating his buddy over Facebook comments.

As much as I don’t support the Feds snooping into people’s private lives and chilling free speech, I wonder if there’s a place for investigations of that type? Seems like overkill but the feds are right to investigate people who promote violence.

It’s an unwillingness to use creativity and imagination to solve complex problems.

0:15 Adam Kokesh convicted in VA court

0:30 Rich Paul calls in from jail!

0:45 Caller: “FedGov are terrorists, why not use self defense?”

Mark asks, “When is self defense against law enforcement officers a good tactic?”

1:00 It’s hard to come up with a definition for Terrorism that doesn’t include the actions of most large nation states.

Keep the moral high ground, and people around you will want to change their behaviors. Don’t stoop to their level, but rise above it and set a good example. Follow the golden rule.

“Violence is the enemy”, not the police.

1:15 Caller: Don in Minnesota – Nonviolent activism: Change W4 form to “Tax Exempt”

1:30 Liberty Phoenix wants to talk to the FBI; we dissuade him.

1:45 Chris in Las Vegas: Liberty Phoenix is mistaken; Bundy Ranch involvement

2:00 “Dung Like Allah” – Pro-war against terrorists, “Men in Black”, Why is this a big deal to you?

2:15 CallerSteve: Against next war in Iraq?

2:30 Nathan — Do you think that’s a mischaracterization of the word “voluntary” in the case of someone confessing? Isn’t it fraud to deceive someone?

Case of pornography in Keene today has a chilling effect on consensual sexual interactions.


Derrick J on Freedom Feens & Peace Love Liberty Radio

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This weekend, I have had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with some wonderful people. First, Ernie Hancock of had me on his radio program to talk about the release of my movie, Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree on DVD. You can listen to that interview (without commercials) below!


Next I sat down with Darryl W. Perry of Peace Love Liberty Radio to discuss my latest project, Peace News Now. We also got into some of the most surprising parts of the “Crime Spree.” Listen and enjoy below:


Finally, I was delighted to be invited to participate in the Live Sunday Call-in show for the Freedom Feens with Neema Vedadi and Michael W. Dean. Those guys always crack me up. We had a hilarious discussion where I covered (of course) Victimless Crime Spree as well as Peace News Now. This show is unusual, however, in that it is the first and only time that I have publicly explained my situation with Adam Kokesh. What do YOU think? Enjoy!

(Click here to listen to the Freedom Feens episode)