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DerrickJ Visits Free Talk Live Tonight!

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I’m out of jail and back in action.

I’ve added 4 new videos to my youtube channel.

I’ve begun posting my blogs from jail on

I’ll be discussing the future of my activism and the upcoming exile tour on Free Talk Live tonight from 7-10. You can listen and even watch the live cam at LRN.FM.

Released From Jail

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On Friday, March 30, I was kidnapped by men calling themselves the State of New Hampshire. My alleged crimes were Resisting Detention and Disobeying an Officer. Today I was released from my caging at the Cheshire County House of Corrections. Thank you to all involved in aiding in my release. I feel fortunate to live among such a supporting community of liberty lovers.

For in-depth analysis of the incident, check out the following sources who covered the story:

The Unedited Original Derrick J POV Camera Footage

Cecelia Freechild Breaks the News

Full Arrest video explaining everything leading up to the kidnapping, edited by Beau Davis and published to

The Arraignment video filmed and edited by Ian Freeman at

Many Thanks to Cecelia Freechild for being a key contact person as well as covering the story, supplying various media outlets:

Cecelia Corrects the Sentinel Article: Mouthpiece for the State or Just Lazy Reporting

Kate Ager of reports on my arraignment

Thank You to JJ and Anarcho-Ali for your coverage on FreeKeeneTV

Many Thanks to Ian for his blogposts at

Mail to Jail post

Arraignment Video and Blogpost

Ian’s Spot in FreeKeene Radio News

Thanks to Kelly Voluntaryist for her Correction of the Sentinel Article

I gave thanks to all who supported tonight and recapped the story for FreeTalkLive: Listen Here

Thank you again to those who donated to my bail fund and lawyer fund here.

Jason Talley Covered the Story as well as the End Result for

Cameras Capture Brutal Cop Taking Down Agent Derrick While Bicycling Home

Agent Derrick Released from Jail but Under House Arrest

Free Talk Live 2012-03-06

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Free Talk Live 2012-02-28

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Free Talk Live 2012-02-21

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Free Talk Live 2012-02-17

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Free Talk Live 2012-02-14

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Free Talk Live 2012-02-07

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Free Talk Live 2012-01-31

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