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DERRICK VS THE MAN with John Bush!

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Today was my 3rd and final day as Host of the ADAM VS THE MAN LIVE! Podcast. It was a pleasure to be joined not only by my ultimate liberty crush, John Bush of Austin, Texas, but also by our in-studio guest AliHavens of On this episode, we discuss NJWeedman’s recent victory for jury nullification, Google’s 8% drop, an officer is punished 10 years after murdering an unconscious boy, and the most transparent administration in history fails to keep a report on the stimulus package. All that and much more on this action-packed episode of DERRICK VS THE MAN!

DerrickJ Hosts AVTM LIVE! with Ali Havens

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Victimless Crime Spree Makes Nashua Patch

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Today I was sent an article from the Nashua Patch in which I was featured. Thanks to Keene activist Darryl W. Perry for bringing this to my attention. Some excerpts from the article below, plus video:

But getting back to the video, it’s an eclectic, borderline schizophrenic mashup of scenic New Hampshire shots interspersed with repeated links to “101 Reasons to Move to NH” and video footage of people being chased by police officers and arrested, with reference to “Victimless Crime Spree,” a feature-length documentary chronicling Free State activist Derrick J Freeman’s* “exciting first year of activism in The Shire,” which he describes as “540 days in jail for dancing, smoking cannabis, going to court, and riding a bike” while living in Keene.

*Of note: Last week Freeman, who has an apparent affinity for Hobbit allusions, left “The Shire” (NH) for “Mordor” (Washington, D.C.), on a “self-imposed exile” from the Free State following a 60-day jail stint. He’s off on a new mission, which he will be chronicling on his blog site, Live Free or Dance, if you are at all interested in knowing more.

Here’s the video:
(I recommend viewing in full screen HD):

Only 47 Hours of Community Service Left!

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I’ve been having difficulty uploading videos to Fr33manTV lately because the memory card I bought for my camera is too high tech for the computers at my disposal.  I’ve ordered a new laptop which can handle my current needs and it will be here in a week.  Please look forward to more frequent videos and updates.  I’ve been documenting the process and look forward to showcasing my time at Keene’s Community Kitchen for your enjoyment.  In the meantime, check out my “Raw” video channel, Fr33manTVRaw is Now LIVE!

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So I finally registered the domain names and and built up a fancy website (I bought the template and filled in the rest—it took about 24 hours of labor altogether).  With the help of Steve Z-rad, I am able to host both sites.  The goal is to create a digital business card so that I can help others to connect with me and learn more about my work.  I hope you check them out and enjoy them.  Give me feedback, since the sites are new and I may need to tweak some things to make it perfect.  Peace!

Community Service Begins

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A few posts back I mentioned that Adam Kokesh asked me to work with him on a new project in DC this September. I’m 110% game for that, but if I’m going to commit, I need to finish my community service in the Shire so that I don’t go to prison for 3 years!

Today I awoke in Keene, in the Shire, after taking a bus trip from Philadelphia to NYC, and then NYC to Keene. About an hour from this writing, I will be starting my new community service role at the Community Kitchen here in Keene. I spoke with two of the ladies who run the show over there, and it seems like they will have a lot of work for me to do, which is great! I have 124 hours to complete to satisfy Judge Burke, and I only have about 3 weeks to do it all!

In addition to working over at the Community Kitchen, I will also be volunteering my time as a videographer and editor for the Hundred Nights Shelter. Hundred Nights is a homeless shelter in Keene founded by a formerly homeless man who wanted to help out the community. It survives on private donations from community members, not “state” or even “city” funding. I want to record video of the people who benefit from the organization so that I can help connect donors with the institution and those it serves.

Wish me luck today! I’ll report back on my experience and first impressions here soon.

Keene PD Denies License AGAIN??

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What do the Keene Police have to hide?

Today (Aug 7, 2012) I called the Keene Police Department to check the status of my Concealed Carry License application. I applied for the license on July 20. It’s my understanding that NH law requires that the local police department “shall-issue” all valid applicants within 14 days (10 business days) of applying. Applicants must call and ask for an answer–they will not call you. However, if a person has NOT been approved, they will mail that person with an explanation as to why they were denied, and they must do that within 14 days. The clerk (Pat) at the records department said that my application was not in the “approved” pile, and that the man in charge of applications (Michael Goodchild) was on vacation until Aug. 20. She gave me his voicemail, and I left a message. In his voicemail recording, he directs callers to contact Jim McLaughlin with any issues. When I phoned Jim McLaughlin and told him I was audio recording, he told me he did not consent to being recorded and redirected my call to Michael Goodchild’s voicemail again. The third time I called, I explained to the clerk what had happened and asked to speak with someone who would talk to me on the record. After waiting on hold for a few minutes, Pat returned and said that the “Chief of Police” Ken Meola told her that “Captain” Costa would call me back today regarding this issue. Very curious…

The law regarding Concealed Carry Licenses can be found here.

Beau Davis Designs New VCS Logo!

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Jailer Jailed

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correx-officer-arrested-mug1Shane Stockwell is my age, 23. He’s the most laid-back jailer at the Cheshire County House of Corrections and shows sympathy for those incarcerated. He never seeks to embarrass or harass anyone and is generally well-liked among the inmates, who in turn show him respect.

Today he was fired. He was also arrested. Picture taken, fingerprints scanned, and brought into a jail cell all by his friends and coworkers for the dastardly crime of (gasp) having a mind-altering substance in his pocket. If it were coffee, sugar, cigarettes, or any of the thousands of pharmaceuticals the FDA approves for human enjoyment consumption, then it would be fine. But allegedly, according to “the Slantenel”, Shane brought in “articles prohibited.”

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Ryan Maddox Shares Health!

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The following are my notes on Ryan Maddox’s discussion of health:

Ryan Maddox’s Discussion on Nutrients and Dietary Supplements @ the KAC:


Pursuing Health costs money, so get the maximum results.

Purity and potency are what to look for in a product.

Before you go out to buy a product, know the intended result.

organic gynostemma pentaphyllum (gynostemma) – Tea, Grass, adaptogen — help you adapt to stressors (physiological)
— contains sapponens

hypothalamic pituitary adrenal

tolsi (holy basil) — (tea)

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