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5 Years Ago: My Crime Spree

I could technically still be in jail today on the same “crimes” from the movie.

Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree, a full-length feature documentary about my 5 arrests in Keene, New Hampshire, unleashed itself to the world on YouTube 5 years ago today. It’s been viewed on YouTube over 175,000 times.

The world has changed since then. Recording law enforcers is now commonplace. Enforcers in a dozen more states now leave peaceful pot smokers alone. The top series on Netflix is a show about prison overpopulation. Everyone knows that the people calling themselves “the government” spy on their computers, emails, phone calls, and texts, but digital privacy is now possible for all thanks to new apps and devices with built-in encryption. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are now beginning to come into wide use.

There’s a lot of reason to be hopeful. Now more than ever, the world is ready for you to question your obedience. Dozens have told me the movie inspired them to move to New Hampshire. That’s the most rewarding part of the experience. In the end, I was facing 9 years if convicted of all charges (none involving a victim). I was sentenced to 540 days in jail, and I ended up serving 60 for my “crime spree.”

Friends made it possible: Ian Freeman (producer), Beau Davis (editor), and the people of the Shire Society who inspire action. I hope Victimless Crime Spree inspires you to achieve more freedom, peace, happiness, and the object of your dreams.

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Robin Hood Arrested on False Charges, Live-Streams Warrantless Search

Blue lights start flashing behind you on a lonely Virginia highway. What do you do? James Cleaveland started recording. What happened next, he could have never predicted. It’s a good thing he got it all on film!

UPDATE: James’ charges have been dropped. Many speculate this is due to his video record of the events.

James Cleaveland Arrested…ased-on-1000-bond/

Storm Trooper Blocking

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Darryl W Perry Released from Jail

Darryl, Outside the Keene Spiritual Retreat

Darryl W Perry walked into the Cheshire County House of Corrections this Friday. He walked out today, Monday. However, according to Mr Perry, he was not corrected.

Darryl was sentenced $163 in fines for the offenses of “Residency” and “Operating a Vehicle That is Not Registered”. What that means in plain English is that Darryl has a valid driver’s license in Arizona, but the State of New Hampshire alleges that Darryl is a resident of New Hampshire and must change his license over to New Hampshire.

New Hampshire law specifies that an inhabitant is not necessarily a resident, and Darryl asserts that he is not a resident. Therefore, he is not required to apply for a new license. Even if he wanted to, Darryl points out that he lacks the documents the State needs to prove residency. Even if he were able to acquire the forms and signatures necessary, he still wouldn’t be granted a new license because he has a warrant out of South Carolina (also for victimless crimes).

Darryl kept his spirits high throughout the experience. He had a celebratory lunch before going in and plans to have a celebratory supper now that he is out. Darryl produces a daily podcast and content at

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Keene Sends Message to Thugs: “Keep it Up!”

The following is Rich Paul’s letter to the Keene City Council, as recorded and transcribed by Derrick J Freeman:

When two groups of bullies attacked artists on consecutive days on The Common this month, the Keene City Government sent them a firm message: “Keep it up! We have your back.” How else can we interpret the facts?

In the first attack, four men, all of whom are employed by the Pour House or Pedraza’s, attacked my friend Andy from behind. I dropped my camera and phone, picked up the camera monopod, and drove three of them off. One Pour House employee was able to steal my camera and phone but serious violence was averted.

The City’s response was swift and sure: they arrested me two days later for being a felon in possession of a stick. They have not taken any action against the rioters and thieves. The video of this incident can be found on YouTube, and the thief, first name Terry, bragged of his theft (of the camera) on Twitter.

In the second incident, nobody was fast enough to protect the artist from serious harm, and therefore no arrests have been made. However, City Councilor Filiault is still willing to take the bold step of protecting violent thugs against offensive smiley faces and peace signs by outlawing sidewalk art. His message to bullies: “Hurt people, and we’ll give people what they want.” Perhaps a better solution would be to hold Dorrie O’Meara, who employs all 5 of the attackers, accountable for what her employees do while on the clock.

But then who would protect the bullies?

Richard Paul
℅ Cheshire County D.O.C.
825 Marlboro Road
Keene, NH 03431

Donate to Rich here.

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Jailer Jailed

correx-officer-arrested-mug1Shane Stockwell is my age, 23. He’s the most laid-back jailer at the Cheshire County House of Corrections and shows sympathy for those incarcerated. He never seeks to embarrass or harass anyone and is generally well-liked among the inmates, who in turn show him respect.

Today he was fired. He was also arrested. Picture taken, fingerprints scanned, and brought into a jail cell all by his friends and coworkers for the dastardly crime of (gasp) having a mind-altering substance in his pocket. If it were coffee, sugar, cigarettes, or any of the thousands of pharmaceuticals the FDA approves for human enjoyment consumption, then it would be fine. But allegedly, according to “the Slantenel”, Shane brought in “articles prohibited.”

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Write to Me in Jail!

Did you know you can write to me in jail without ever having to leave your computer? is a website where you can write letters to jailed activists such as drug war victim Beau Davis and me by simply typing a message and hitting send. It is run by activist Jay Denonville and support by donations to cover the costs of paper, stamps, and envelopes.

I am dedicated to responded to each letter I receive and nothing is more uplifting than to read a letter from a supportive stranger. Writing also helps pass the time and helps me feel more connected with the outside world more than anything else.
Write to me today! I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

In Liberty,
Derrick J. =D

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Jail Blog – Day 15, Part 3 – Day TV in Jail

I don’t watch TV. But when I do, I watch Free Keene TV. This comes on for half an hour once a week. Most people in here watch TV every day for hours. Tonight, I asked the group of drooping zombies if they were watching the fishing show on Animal Planet. No answer. I asked again standing below the two TV screens. No answer. So I asked the officed to please change the channel to channel 8, since it’s 7:00 PM on Monday, that’s the 30 minutes of TV I watch 30 minutes a week. About halfway into the show, one guy with a lot of seniority around here asks “whats the show on the left?”

I answer him “It’s Free Keene TV”. He stares forward.

About a minute later, he and another boy (who happens to always be burning with rage about one thing or another) storm up the stairs and yell to those below:

“I love how we all took a vote on what to watch on the TV on the left. It’s not like my 9 months here make any difference or anything. Good Job!” Then he slammed his door and turned off his light, closing himself off to the world.

Wow. Not being a TV watcher, I’ve grown sick of the Beavis and Butthead style huhuhuhuhuhuh’s that I hear constantly emanating from the TV’s. Today, for a half hour, 6 guys in the jail watched a show they never would’ve seen otherwise. They learned about market law enforcement from Robert Murphy. They saw criticism of the Free Keene movement, including criticism of my activism and antics. They sat silent, soaking it in. But they didn’t all get up and do push ups. Some did that some some guys saw something totally new that interested and stimulated their imaginations in ways mainstream TV never will.
Thank you JJ, Ali, John Ray, Nemi Jones, David Crawford and all who make Free Keene TV happen each week. Your reach is always further than you know.

Cheers =)

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Jail Blog Day 15 – Depending on the Incompetent

I am feeling frustrated tonight.

The motions which I handwrote in response to the news that the Keene Police is moving the court to grant them permission to destroy the evidence in my case were lost. I gave them to the officer on duty this morning to be photocopied and instead they were lost. I am crippled.

I was taken down to change out and go to court today, then told to change back, no court.
I was told that I wasn’t allowed to use the phone because it would be a safety and security risk.

I can get used to dehumanization to nudity, to groping, to being made into a worker drone, a slave to the state.

What I cannot bear is being forced to depend on others when others are incompentant. It burns me up, kills my soul, makes me hurt. I die insde when I can not accomplish simple tasks because I have been made to depend on another who can’t or wont do what he says.
I live for productivity. The guys who thrive in here are the Beavis and Butthead types, the unthinking, unquestioning, giggling unproductive doofises who think they are on a vacation on the communities dime.

I think on self direction, on the self determination, on piling successes, setting and stretching goals, pushing myself to do more than I thought possible.

If my spirit is crushed by my jail experience, it will be because I was not able to do. And because I am surrounded by people who have the “shrug” attitude. They are my captors and my peers while I am here. I moved to the Shire to be around people with an “I can do it” attitude and for the last 15 days and the next 35, I am surrounded by an attitude that says “why do, when you can stare at a TV?”


This shall pass….

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Day 9 – May 15, 2012

Wow. The guard just told me that I am not allowed to request toilet paper except on Monday, Wednesdays, and Friday!What and I supposed to use, my hand? It’s not fault that my roommate uses a ton of toilet paper and leaves me with a nearly empty tube. These guards are dehumanizing – the one was talking on the phone and laughing away as I waited for him to push a botton to open the door to let me in to the cell block where I would be touched all over by him – then he picked on this kid for being on the rail while 4 others did the same. I can’t believe the attitude of these guards – how they smile and laugh as they “write up” inmates, leading them into conversations which would be totally benign on the outside but in here the guards are on the verge of putting handcuffs on inmates for mere conversation or genuineexpression of feelings or statements of facts or opinions which the guards don’t like.

Ughhhhh! In the middle of writing, I was called by order – “Cart Runners!” and was just groped twiceby the jail guard who is a stickler for following all rules, good or bad, by his own admission. It is such a horrible experience to have a strange authoritarian man who is wearing the gang symbol of the empire on his shoulder touch every inch of my body and squeeze as he feels. How dehumanizing. I could harp on this emotion and it would eat me up by I’ll choose to move on, or try. I also have to get it off my chest that I have to walk to theright side of the hallway at all times or be threatened with a “write-up” by my benevolent overlords in “Central Control”. I must depend on the same people to open/unlock every door and they watch me as I move around and approach each one. Butch said it’s better to here than homeless.

My experience here confirms what I had feared about the attitudes and behaviors of individuals who take the position of jail guard. They are people who appear to “get off” on exercising arbitrary authority on peaceful human beings to the point of treating them like animals – I can only wonder what this says about how they think about themselves. Thinking on this is making me feel ill, so I will concentrate on trying to enjoy this day – it is one of a numbered few here on earth, after all, and I suppose it is better than being dead. I will now work on Draft 2 of my motions for court with the hope that I will be able to keep myself from being further victimized by agents of the state in the form of at $1240 fine or 25 days in segregation.

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Day 8 – May 14, 2012

Great! After hours of tossing and turning, trying to fall asleep and having jailguards shine flashlights on me, I am awaken by a “BRRRRNKTC!” Gentlemen! Mr. Horton, Mr. Ortega. You both have kitchen duty this morning. You have about 30 minutes. It’s quarter after [5 AM]”. Ugh! NOOOOOOO!

I worked in the kitchen today with Joe Ortega, Joe Leech, James Price, and Lee “E” Shelton. It was okay and I ate a lot and enjoyed my conversation with Scott. Scott shared with me that he has 6 pet chickens and is interested in attaining personal independence “with a plan” rather than ideology.

I missed the opportunity to say goodbye to Shaun Legassee, who left today. Luckily my roommate got his contact info so I can do a followup on his story for

I received a book today. “Mrs. Richards” called me downstairs to receive it. It is “Be Still like the Humming Bird” by Henry Miller, a collection of essays. It was sent by my mom and selected by her and Rob. They told me to expect it Wednesday but it came 2 days early. “Mrs. Richards” told me that this time it would slide because I probably didn’t know, but in the future “Major Mousou” wants me to send him a memo on the kiosk informing him of any incoming books. The odd part is that I have no way of ordering books for myself, so there is literally no way I could know if a book is coming in from a fan or loved one unless I speak with them on the phone or “in person” during a visit. But since the jail doesn’t allow incoming calls, how is a fan supposed to tell me that they have sent something?? It seems illogical to me.

I haven’t read the book I received yet, but since the book cart is in the block, I picked up “Tuesdays with Morrie” and TarrinLupo’s “Pirates of the Savannah” and I put back the crappy Excalibur/King Arthurbook I was previously reading to help me sleep. Already I am over 100 pages in to “Tuesdays with Morrie” – it is fantastic. I’ve only been reading for about 2 hours, but I must’ve cried a gallon of tears, and I can’t stop turning pages. I am very excited that tonight I will be able to watch a live episode of Free Keene TV. Last Monday I was in “observation” so I didn’t have the opportunity. I’ll have to borrow someone’s headphones and radio to watch it today or share with another inmate watching.
Rapsher just came to visit me – the visits always fly by – it was just too short. It really lifts my spirits to have visitors. I miss Rapsher and think of him often – he’s a great person and a wonderful, dedicated, and articulate activist and proponent of person freedom.

The way the jail guard says “Head Count” sounds like the way an owner commands a dog, in a short, harsh tons that is clearly an order, not an announcement. I don’t like being commanded like a dog.

Ugh, Joe has been sleeping in the room for hours – I really feel like I can’t rewrite these motions today. I have to find out when my next court date is. I’ll call Michele Seven to thank for her card and find out – if not Ian may know.