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Only 47 Hours of Community Service Left!

I’ve been having difficulty uploading videos to Fr33manTV lately because the memory card I bought for my camera is too high tech for the computers at my disposal.  I’ve ordered a new laptop which can handle my current needs and it will be here in a week.  Please look forward to more frequent videos and updates.  I’ve been documenting the process and look forward to showcasing my time at Keene’s Community Kitchen for your enjoyment.  In the meantime, check out my “Raw” video channel, Fr33manTVRaw

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Community Service Begins

A few posts back I mentioned that Adam Kokesh asked me to work with him on a new project in DC this September. I’m 110% game for that, but if I’m going to commit, I need to finish my community service in the Shire so that I don’t go to prison for 3 years!

Today I awoke in Keene, in the Shire, after taking a bus trip from Philadelphia to NYC, and then NYC to Keene. About an hour from this writing, I will be starting my new community service role at the Community Kitchen here in Keene. I spoke with two of the ladies who run the show over there, and it seems like they will have a lot of work for me to do, which is great! I have 124 hours to complete to satisfy Judge Burke, and I only have about 3 weeks to do it all!

In addition to working over at the Community Kitchen, I will also be volunteering my time as a videographer and editor for the Hundred Nights Shelter. Hundred Nights is a homeless shelter in Keene founded by a formerly homeless man who wanted to help out the community. It survives on private donations from community members, not “state” or even “city” funding. I want to record video of the people who benefit from the organization so that I can help connect donors with the institution and those it serves.

Wish me luck today! I’ll report back on my experience and first impressions here soon.

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Video of Liberty Love Fest Raid

Talented videographer and video editor Beau Davis A.K.A. “FreeTheAgora” put together this video of the raid on Liberty Love Fest in Worcester Massachusetts on the night of August 17th, 2012.

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Lemonade Raw Milk Freedom Day 2012 LiveStream!

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Cops Raid Liberty Love Fest; Steal Alcohol

Today at 12:05AM Liberty Love Fest in Worshester, MA was raided by police and at least one detective, according to a Porcupine 411 message left by Super-Activist Rich Paul. The two messages left by Paul (1st message, 2nd message) indicate that there were several people in the building, which is a warehouse.

According to source Tony Antonello, an undercover cop came into the party, bought alcohol, and then busted the party for not having a permit to sell alcohol. No arrests were made, but the cops took all the alcohol and left smiling.

If you appreciate the timely manner in which this matter was reported, please consider donating to Derrick J’s “Freeman in Exile Tour” and help him get the tools he needs to continue reporting on issues within the liberty community nationwide.

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Know Your Rights DC 2012 Speech

Video streaming by Ustream

Here’s a link to all of the live-streamed videos from that day.

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Hanging with Super-Activist Eddie Free

As free men and women, fully capable of assessing the nutritional quality of our diet, we will decide for ourselves, without state intrusion, that which we voluntarily procure to sustain our lives.
~ Super-Activist Eddie Free

You may know Eddie Free from his dance parties at the Jefferson Memorial in D.C.

Or perhaps from his civilly disobedience Swimsuit Party in Ashbury Park, NJ?

Most likely, though, you know him through one of his extensive facebook pages, The Benevolent Order of Agorist Hunters, and Virginia, and Fr33 Agents among them.

Eddie Free is a national voluntaryist activist known for coordinating events attended by large crowds. How does he draw such multitudes? Expert networking. He uses facebook, twitter, blogs, e-mail lists, and other social media tools to promote events and encourage attendance at venues which inspire peaceful resistance to bad laws.

Easily one of the busiest and most active of the liberty community, a simple rundown of his website will show he’s been doing an interview a day to promote his latest event, Lemonade Raw Milk Freedom Day.

Check out for a rundown of this weekend’s activities and learn more about Eddie in his latest interview with AnCap Chase.

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LiveStream Lemonade Raw Milk Freedom Day

Video streaming by Ustream

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Lemonade Freedom Songs!

I am attending Lemonade Freedom Day this weekend. Today I arrived in DC and met up with Super-Activist Eddie Free and some other activists for a special “foodie” dinner including a delightful smorgesborg of interesting cheeses and spreads and even more delightful company.

One of the food activists, Liz Reitzig, and I discussed with each other our shared love of Civil Rights Freedom Songs. Having participated in the Shire Choir in the past, I decided to ask composer Richard Onley if he had any Lemonade-themed freedom songs, and lo-and-behold, he did!

RAW MILK TO DRINK (“Skittamarink”)

Raw milk to drink, and lemonade,
Raw milk and lemonade—
Free to trade!

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The Travel Plan Begins

Hey All! We’re getting close to the beginning of the Exile, but first a visit to the Shire!!

View a map of my route by clicking here or by scrolling down to the bottom of this post.

Well, I’ve got my route planned out for the Post-Jail Pre-Exile Tour! I’ll be leaving on a MegaBus from Philadelphia around 1pm Sunday afternoon (Aug 12) and arriving in Boston at 8:30pm. From there I will take the Boston Express bus from South Station in Boston to exit 5 in Londonderry, NH, where I will be picked up by Dale Everett of Flaming Freedom and be brought to the Anarchy In Your Head Studios. There I will sleep in preparation for the next day’s “Circus” (Ademo’s trial).

I will stay in Manchester Sunday night (Aug 12) through Wednesday (Aug 15) to produce videos and guest-host on Flaming Freedom.

I will leave the Shire Wednesday (Aug 15) morning at 5:30am via the Boston Express bus and travel to South Station in Boston, then transfer to a MegaBus at 8:15am. That MegaBus will have me arrive in Philadelphia at 3:30pm.

I will stay with family in Philadelphia Wednesday night before leaving at 6:00pm for Washington, DC to attend Lemonade (& Raw Milk!) Freedom Day at the Reflecting Pool. I’ll arrive in DC at around 9:30pm on Thursday (Aug 16) and will be staying with Super-Activist Eddie Free during the weekend-long conference.

What comes next is yet to be decided, but I will likely be returning to Philadelphia on the 19th to start getting interviews with those active in the various liberty communities of that area. Check back daily at for the latest on the “Freeman in Exile” tour!

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