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Parking Ticket Challenged, Dismissed

Wow, who knew it could be so easy? I received a parking ticket in August while getting my hair cut at Moda Suo salon in town. The stylists at Moda did a great job, by the way — and they take bitcoin! I walked down to city hall to challenge the ticket and was given an arraignment date. That means I was told to appear in court to plead either guilty or not guilty. When I appeared to plead not guilty, the prosecutor said, “Are we really going to court over a five dollar ticket?” He dismissed it. Victory!

Since I document and upload my daily life to YouTube, I can share with you video of the entire process. In this playlist, watch as I receive the ticket, go to City Hall to challenge it, and then eventually walk out of court victorious.

Thank you, Jason Short, for doing the right thing and dismissing this ticket. I have another parking ticket to challenge next month. Let’s see if the next one gets dismissed, too. I’ll be ready for court just in case. Think of it: a whole trial just to extort $5 from me? Going to trial costs them way more than that. Will they stop ticketing my car? Will they increase the fine for a parking violation? Will they abolish parking enforcement altogether? Time will tell.

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The Bitcoin (R)Evolution

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of listening to two of my favorite people, Roger Ver of and James Corbett of the Corbett Report Podcast talking about Voluntaryism and how Bitcoin can build the bridge to a future based on consensual interactions. The audio is excellent, and I was even flattered to hear that Roger even referenced me and my youtube videos with regard to Voluntaryism. Specifically, he was re-iterating my popular phrase regarding voting with your dollar:

“If Starbucks dropped bombs, I wouldn’t shop there. So why would I support the American Empire? The Empire does not require my consent.”

Their conversation ranges from Mises and Rothbard to Bitcoin and civil disobedience.

Click here to listen to the full audio discussion (28 mins)

Watch Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree Free Online:


(Full Movie)

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Reddit AnCaps Roast FR33MANTV

Last weekend I was roasted by a poster on This is my response.

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Victimless Crime Spree Makes Nashua Patch

Today I was sent an article from the Nashua Patch in which I was featured. Thanks to Keene activist Darryl W. Perry for bringing this to my attention. Some excerpts from the article below, plus video:

But getting back to the video, it’s an eclectic, borderline schizophrenic mashup of scenic New Hampshire shots interspersed with repeated links to “101 Reasons to Move to NH” and video footage of people being chased by police officers and arrested, with reference to “Victimless Crime Spree,” a feature-length documentary chronicling Free State activist Derrick J Freeman’s* “exciting first year of activism in The Shire,” which he describes as “540 days in jail for dancing, smoking cannabis, going to court, and riding a bike” while living in Keene.

*Of note: Last week Freeman, who has an apparent affinity for Hobbit allusions, left “The Shire” (NH) for “Mordor” (Washington, D.C.), on a “self-imposed exile” from the Free State following a 60-day jail stint. He’s off on a new mission, which he will be chronicling on his blog site, Live Free or Dance, if you are at all interested in knowing more.

Here’s the video:
(I recommend viewing in full screen HD):

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Non-Violent Communication with Prosecutors

In the past week, I have been conversing via e-mail with some the men who are prosecuting me. I have copied the correspondence below for public perusal. I am feeling confused because my need to understand and be understood is not being met. It would make life more wonderful for me and meet my need of understanding to receive constructive feedback regarding ideas on how to proceed.  Please send e-mails with suggestions to LiveFreeOrDance (at) gmail (dot) com

E-mail 5: (Prosecutors’ “Final Offer”) April 17, 2012

Dear Mr. Horton,

My e-mail to you dated April 12, 2012 and sent at 9:46 AM (see below) constitutes my and Attorney Webb’s final offer prior to trial. Regarding the charges Attorney McLaughlin is prosecuting, you will need to contact him directly.

Should the matters being prosecuted by me proceed to trial, all charges will be brought forward for trial, and, should the State prevail, the State is, obviously, not bound by the proposed resolution below.

Thank you for your views, but it appears as if the gulf between us is simply too large for a negotiated resolution. At this time, the State will, as it did before, be ready for trial. I urge you to consider retaining an attorney as you are facing some serious charges.

Sincerely yours,
David Lauren, ACA

David Lauren, Esq.

E-mail 4: (My response to first counter-offer) April 17, 2012

Dear Mr. Lauren, Mr. McLaughlin, and Mr. Webb,

I have read your offer of a global plea wherein I would plead to charges resisting arrest, refusing to be processed, and contempt, at the penalty of 540 days in CCHOC, plus about $1,500, all but 90 days stayed.

I feel unsettled because I have a need for peace that is not being met.  One way my need for peace could be me is if you would drop the charges against me.

I have confidence in our abilities to create a solution in which all of our needs can be met.  In the case that simply dropping the charges would leave your own needs unmet, I would respectfully ask what your needs are and offer the following:

Yes, I would be happy to plea to charges of possession, obstructing, resisting, and contempt in exchange for forfeiting a trial.

I would really like to change the proposed sentence to 150 hours of community service to run concurrent.  In that time, I would be happy to paint, garden, and do a daily afternoon litter cleanup at central square or other neighborhood parks.  Because of my involvement supporting the Hundred Nights Homeless Shelter, I would also dedicate time to volunteering there as well as the community food bank.

Since I strongly prefer a community-building approach to justice, I will not accept payments of any fines except in the form of community service.

I feel uneasy about a punishment in the CCHOC because I have a need for autonomy, and that need would not be met without freedom.  Though I do not think the people of Keene should pay for my food and housing, my incarceration would leave the people of Keene no choice.  It would make life more wonderful for me if you would accept my offer of community service.


Derrick J. Horton

75 Leverett St.

Keene, NH 03431

*All correspondence is likely to be published to*

E-mail 3: (Prosecutors’ first counter-offer) April 12, 2012

Dear Mr. Horton,

I have heard back from Attorney McLaughlin and he indicated that your proposed counter-offer to the global resolution offered is not acceptable to him as it regards the charges he is prosecuting you on. He understands that Attorney Webb and I may make an offer to you regarding our charges.

In view of that, the following is an offer involving only those charges being prosecuted by Attorney Webb and me. Regarding the charges being prosecuted by Attorney McLaughlin, you should contact him.

Attorney Webb’s charge – Remand to District Court, accepting the sentence as originally imposed.

Charges I’m bringing forward – 1.) Criminal Trespass – reduce to a Class B Misdemeanor, $500.00 fine;

2.) Resisting Arrest or Detention – Plea to Class A misdemeanor, 180 days in the House of Corrections, all but 90 suspended for one year, fully capped. A capped plea means that, if agreed to, the judge won’t go above it and you, as the defendant, can argue for a lesser sentence. By being full capped, there would be no limit as to how low a sentence you could argue for. I know that this may seem a bit confusing, so feel free to either call or e-mail me if I have made it too confusing. If the capped plea was imposed and you earned full good time at the House of Corrections, your actual incarcerated time would be no more than 60 days.

3.) Criminal Contempt – Nolle Prosse (dismiss).

I think that this is a fair offer in that one charge is being reduced to a Class B misdemeanor, another would be dismissed, and you are being given the opportunity to argue for a lesser sentence than that I would be recommending on the third. By remanding the charge that Attorney Webb is prosecuting, you eliminate the chance that, after a jury trial, you are found guilty and given a more severe sentence by the Superior Court judge. No one knows what a jury will do, and you will be facing a fairly substantial risk, as do all defendants in a jury trial.

Finally, if you do retain an attorney and he or she wants to continue the trial scheduled for April 17th, I would assent to it. I look forward to hearing from you regarding the above offer.

Sincerely yours,
David Lauren, ACA
David Lauren
Assistant County Attorney
Cheshire County Attorney’s Office
12 Court St.
Keene, NH  03431


E-mail 2: (My response to initial contact)  April 11, 2012

Dear Mr. Lauren,

Thank you for writing me with your offer.  I have given it some consideration, and I would like to present the following offer in response:

In exchange for dropping all other charges, I will plead nolo contendere to Resisting Arrest, Refusing to process, and Contempt. With a recommended sentence of 120 days per charge to be served concurrently, and all but 90 days suspended for one year upon the condition of good behavior, plus payment of a $500 fine to be paid with 50 hours of community service, and a pretrial confinement credit of 10 days.


Derrick J. Horton

75 Leverett St. Keene, NH 03431

PS Would you please share the above message with Mr. McLaughlin and Mr. Webb?  Thank you.

E-mail 1: (Initial Contact) April 10, 2012

Dear Mr. Horton:

It was good meeting you this afternoon, and, as indicated, after having consulted with the other two prosecutors involved, I am prepared to make the following “global” resolution to all of your pending charges.

1.) On the charge that was appealed from District Court and is being prosecuted by Assistant County Attorney John Webb – Remand to Keene District Court with the original sentence remaining in place.

2.) On the charges being prosecuted by Assistant County Attorney Chris McLaughlin:
The charges are: 1.) Possession of Marijuana; 2.) Contempt (two counts); 3.) resisting arrest or detention; 4.) disobeying an officer. The offer on these would be nolle prosse (dismiss) the disobeying an officer charge, and on the remaining charges, the sentence on each charge would be identical and concurrent (served at the same time) with each other, but consecutive (to be served after) to your remanded sentence above. 360 days in the CCHOC, all but 90 days suspended for two (2) years upon the condition of good behavior. Pretrial confinement credit of seven (7)(?) days, and a mandatory $350 fine plus penalty assessment on the Possession of Marijuana charge.

3.) On the charges I am prosecuting and for which trial is scheduled for April 17th at Keene District Court:
The charges are: 1.) Criminal Trespass; 2.) Resisting Arrest or Detention; 3.) Contempt. The offer on these would to nolle prosse (dismiss) the contempt, and on the remaining two (criminal trespass and resisting arrest or detention) the sentences would be identical to that offered by Attorney McLaughlin. The sentences would be concurrent with each other, and concurrent with the time imposed on the cases being prosecuted by Attorney McLaughlin.

The 90 days stand-committed time under this global proposal would represent a 60 day period of incarceration so long as you earned the maximum period of good time at the CCHOC. Good Time is determined pursuant to the rules and regulations of the CCHOC.

In short, this resolution would resolve the pending cases that you have in both Superior Court and District Court. As you were leaving the Superior Court today, I happened to overhear your request for a financial affidavit for possible appointment of a public defender. Should you qualify and decide to have an attorney represent you, please ask the attorney to contact me as soon as possible as your next court appearance is, I believe, on the three cases I am prosecuting and trial is scheduled for Tuesday, April 17th.

Finally, do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions on this proposed global resolution.

Sincerely yours,
David Lauren
Assistant Cheshire County Attorney
Office of the Cheshire County Attorney
12 Court St.
Keene, NH 03431

Please send any e-mails with suggestions to LiveFreeOrDance (at) gmail (dot) com – Derrick J. Freeman

For more information on Non-Violent Communication, visit

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Released From Jail

On Friday, March 30, I was kidnapped by men calling themselves the State of New Hampshire. My alleged crimes were Resisting Detention and Disobeying an Officer. Today I was released from my caging at the Cheshire County House of Corrections. Thank you to all involved in aiding in my release. I feel fortunate to live among such a supporting community of liberty lovers.

For in-depth analysis of the incident, check out the following sources who covered the story:

The Unedited Original Derrick J POV Camera Footage

Cecelia Freechild Breaks the News

Full Arrest video explaining everything leading up to the kidnapping, edited by Beau Davis and published to

The Arraignment video filmed and edited by Ian Freeman at

Many Thanks to Cecelia Freechild for being a key contact person as well as covering the story, supplying various media outlets:

Cecelia Corrects the Sentinel Article: Mouthpiece for the State or Just Lazy Reporting

Kate Ager of reports on my arraignment

Thank You to JJ and Anarcho-Ali for your coverage on FreeKeeneTV

Many Thanks to Ian for his blogposts at

Mail to Jail post

Arraignment Video and Blogpost

Ian’s Spot in FreeKeene Radio News

Thanks to Kelly Voluntaryist for her Correction of the Sentinel Article

I gave thanks to all who supported tonight and recapped the story for FreeTalkLive: Listen Here

Thank you again to those who donated to my bail fund and lawyer fund here.

Jason Talley Covered the Story as well as the End Result for

Cameras Capture Brutal Cop Taking Down Agent Derrick While Bicycling Home

Agent Derrick Released from Jail but Under House Arrest

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Take it to Court!

On Thursday of this week, I was getting ready to leave for the Manchester Airport with Kelly when “code enforcer” Fred Parcells was spotted pulling out of my next-door-neighbor’s driveway. Then I realized that I had a ticket on my windshield, and so did Kelly!

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Pulled Over for No Reason

I was pulled over while driving 50 mph in a 55 mph zone. The officer alleges I was going 72. That is impossible because I was stuck behind a slow-moving pickup truck for about 20 miles, and that truck was keeping me slowed at a pace of 50 mph.

I was driving from Keene to Manchester with Luthor Kingsley of the Shire. We were about halfway there when I passed a cop. Luthor pointed him out; he was hiding on the side of the highway with his lights off. I checked my speed and was relieved to notice that I was going 50mph. I almost certainly would have been going faster if not for the truck in front of me holding me up in the single lane of traffic. Then I saw the blue lights behind me. I fired up my camera and asked Luthor to record.

Love Letters

Love Letter Blues

I received 3 love letters from agents of the state today. They are featured below. This has been happening every mail day for weeks. I consider it harassment.