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Kelly Shames Kopcha

Live Free Or Dance Trial: Kelly Voluntaryist took an opportunity to shame Michael Kopcha of the Keene Police Department when, during the viewing of video evidence in which the public servant pepper sprays a nonviolent handcuffed man, she storms out of the courtroom and calls him a monster.

FR33MANTV FreeKeene Networks Video

State = Parasite

“Word for word and character for character, it’s tough to beat Ryan Maddox.” – Super-activist Pete Eyre

This is the first episode in what will become a weekly series highlighting a range of pro-freedom topics. This one focuses on establishing the parasitic nature of the state. Others soon to follow will cover topics such as Mesh Networks, DarkNets, and open-source ecology. New episodes will be featured on my YouTube channel each Friday. The goal of this series is to bring newcomers to the ideas of liberty and to equip the liberty community with the technical aspects of maintaining strong virtual and real-life networks.

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LFOD Photos

Thanks to the camera work of Jason and Adam from, here are some photos from yesterday:

Civil Disobedience Courts FreeKeene Networks

Man vs. State

Today I represented myself in court. What. A. Circus.

It was a “Who’s Who” of Keene Activism:

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WSRQ Radio, Sarasota, FL

Tonight Ian Freeman and I were guests on The Nilon Report on WSRQ. We had a lovely conversation with the host about Free Talk Live, individual liberty, competing governments, and Ron Paul.

Here’s the audio from tonight:

WSRQ Jan 12, 2012 by Derrick J. Freeman

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Huntsman vs. Fr33 Speech

I was kicked out of Keene State College’s property (for which I am forced to pay) and threatened with a cage for having a sign at a political rally. The war on signs continues as the 1st amendment is ignored. Participants included Ian Freeman of, Jason Talley of Talley.TV, Kelly Voluntaryist, Nicholas Shankin (a new mover from Philadelphia), and me. Video to come soon. In the meantime, watch this video from last year featuring the Secret Service and the continuing war on signage.

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Keene PD Causes Chaos at 3am

This morning at about 3am two men named Joshua English and Kyle Macie pulled up in front of my house bringing a barking german shepherd, made threats at my friends, and left.


Shire 911 Maturing

Majorly productive meeting today about Shire 911. I’m jazzed about the upcoming service and its potential to solve community problems better than agents of the state.

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Sovereigns in Action

I am the luckiest guy in the world.  I live at the Shire and am constantly surrounded by amazing people.

Tonight at the Keene Activist Center, TalleyTV informed me that Amanda Bouldin was arrested for not producing ID.  Within 4 minutes of her leaving a voice-message on Porcupine411, activists began grabbing cameras, calling/driving to the police department, writing blogposts, customizing “Free Amanda” posters, and updating Facebook walls.  An hour or two later and we’re celebrating her release, informing our friends and leaving messages on Porcupine411.

What a dream.  I love my voluntary family.