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A Day In Philly with Family

Today I woke up at 5am and quickly marched down to the bus station in Manchester where I just barely made my bus to Boston. There, I walked around and got some coffee from a local shop by South Station. I returned and got in line for the next bus to bring me the rest of the way to Philadelphia.

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I spent the day walking around Philadelphia and seeing a concert of Irish music performed at one of my favorite parks in the gayboorhood. I had dinner with my 3 sisters, brother in law, Dad and step-mom. I also had a package delivered to me containing my new microphone, the Blue Yeti.

Tomorrow morning I leave for Washington, D.C. to prepare for Lemonade Raw Milk Freedom Weekend where I will meet up with Super-Activist Eddie Free.

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Free Ademo!

Yesterday morning I arrived in Manchester.

Dale Everett of Anarchy In Your Head and Flaming Freedom picked me up from the bus terminal on Canal St and brought me to “In Your Head Studios,” where I will be staying for a few days producing media.

Today is the day of Ademo Freeman’s trial. He is a dear friend of mine, and I am expecting him to put on the show of a lifetime–not for me, but for the jury. I feel fortunate that I will be able to witness what will surely be an incredible performance today.

There is a 5-car caravan that left Keene at 6:30am packed with activists. There are liberty activists rushing in from all over the state to get there early and make their presence and support visible to the media (both independent and mainstream).

I will post an update on Ademo’s trial at my next opportunity. Stay tuned!

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The Travel Plan Begins

Hey All! We’re getting close to the beginning of the Exile, but first a visit to the Shire!!

View a map of my route by clicking here or by scrolling down to the bottom of this post.

Well, I’ve got my route planned out for the Post-Jail Pre-Exile Tour! I’ll be leaving on a MegaBus from Philadelphia around 1pm Sunday afternoon (Aug 12) and arriving in Boston at 8:30pm. From there I will take the Boston Express bus from South Station in Boston to exit 5 in Londonderry, NH, where I will be picked up by Dale Everett of Flaming Freedom and be brought to the Anarchy In Your Head Studios. There I will sleep in preparation for the next day’s “Circus” (Ademo’s trial).

I will stay in Manchester Sunday night (Aug 12) through Wednesday (Aug 15) to produce videos and guest-host on Flaming Freedom.

I will leave the Shire Wednesday (Aug 15) morning at 5:30am via the Boston Express bus and travel to South Station in Boston, then transfer to a MegaBus at 8:15am. That MegaBus will have me arrive in Philadelphia at 3:30pm.

I will stay with family in Philadelphia Wednesday night before leaving at 6:00pm for Washington, DC to attend Lemonade (& Raw Milk!) Freedom Day at the Reflecting Pool. I’ll arrive in DC at around 9:30pm on Thursday (Aug 16) and will be staying with Super-Activist Eddie Free during the weekend-long conference.

What comes next is yet to be decided, but I will likely be returning to Philadelphia on the 19th to start getting interviews with those active in the various liberty communities of that area. Check back daily at for the latest on the “Freeman in Exile” tour!

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Derrick J. Freeman

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Fun on Freedom Feens

Today was my first time on the entertaining podcast “Freedom Feens” by Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi.   It’s a twice-a-week podcast, and this was their first-ever Live Call-in edition, which was exciting, being that my background is with a call-in show.  It was strange being on the other end of a call-in show, and I even embarrassed myself a bit by revealing that I wasn’t sure if I should mute the show while I spoke.  Even still, I had a wonderful time plugging the film, which both the hosts seemed to have enjoyed, and I look forward to making a return to the podcast in the near future.

Michael has also produced a documentary, called “Guns & Weed,” (two of my favorite things!) so he knows a bit about what goes into such a venture.  The interview went deeper into depth about the behind-the-scenes aspects of many entertaining scenes which had to be cut down for time and may have left the viewer with some questions.

For example, why were the female officers in Philadelphia telling me I couldn’t walk down the street where I lived?  Who was filming the crossing guard when she hit the camera?

I was on for about 15 minutes before I was booted in favor of another guest, but I guess it serves me right for not calling in right away.  I’ll learn my lesson next time!

The next radio show for which I am scheduled to appear as a guest is the Liberty Cap Radio Show Saturday night at 8pm.  I’ll keep everyone in the loop with a link to listen in as that date approaches.  For now, enjoy the podcast from this morning by following this link here.


Press Release: NH Man Commits Victimless Crime Spree

Derrick J. Freeman Arrested While Singing and Having Fun

A man in Keene has ended his crime spree after being arrested twice this past week for the crimes of Obstructing Government Administration, Resisting Arrest, Refusing to Process, Possession of Marijuana, and Violating Bail Conditions.