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Know Your Rights Conference A Huge Success

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Today I attended the Know Your Rights Conference in the heart of Mordor: Washington D.C. It was a lovely and quaint event attended by about 45 people. There were 8 speakers who spoke for about 15-30 minutes each with time for breaks and questions in between.

The style was very informal, and the participants were quietly attentive but also spoke up to ask questions or make an insightful comments.

The dinner was excellent–sincerely one of the best of my life. It was self-serve buffet style, with no central planning dictating serving order. The self organization worked perfectly without a top-down approach to the meal. There was chicken, pork, cole-slaw, salad, bread, butter, and most importantly, raw milk. All of the food came from sustainable farms. It is unknown to me from whence the raw milk came, but I will tell you it was DELICIOUS. There’s truly nothing like it. I could immediately sense that I was consuming a living product: the raw milk itself is filled with health-supporting organisms!
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Know Your Rights DC 2012 Speech

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My Notes on Darryl’s Publishing Discussion

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Intro to Writing and Publishing

How to Write an Article of Any Kind
How / Solution

Ideally 400-600 words.

Free City Papers often need filler
needs to be somewhat interesting

letters to the editor should be under 200 words

Anything over 1000 words

readers know when to go to you for new content
helps get writer into a routine

ALWAYS have someone proof-read

ALWAYS offer solutions

General Audience

Offer Solutions at the end

Create Space,

LAVA = Libertarians Agorists Voluntaryists Anarchists = (Authors and Publishers Association)

Includes Article writers? No.

Must be in book form. Author must be a L, A, V, or A.

Invite Authors and Publishers to Occupy Public Places and Vend their Wares in Keene
Spring of Next Year: May 19, 2013 1pm-5pm

Fr33 Agents Radio News 2012-03-09

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Occupy NH Becomes Self-Aware

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Yesterday Fr33manTV went to Hookset, NH with liberty activists Ian Freeman, TalleyTV, and Kelly Voluntaryist to investigate and participate in the first Occupy New Hampshire General Assembly. After 3 hours of polite deliberation, the only thing the GA decided was the time and date of their next meeting. Continue reading