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“No Fatties, No Posers, No Crazies”

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Before there was OkCupid and Grindr, there was VideoMate(TM). From what I can tell watching this video, it was an attempt by men of the pre-internet 90’s to find love in the most romantic way imaginable: by advertising themselves alongside dozens of other singles on VHS! What hot-blooded female could resist grabbing up the latest tape full of permed mullets quoting scripture and dressing up like vikings?

At least I’m not alone in my search for love.


Moving to Keene, NH | DJVlog 007

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False Start | DJVlog 006

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This vlog episode was a false-start. I was recording in a friend’s house where I was working, but since someone came in and interrupted, I cancelled the segment.


Today I am working on my show, Sick Sad World, to produce informative entertainment for the liberty-inclined. It’s dark humor, so it’s not for everyone. Plus, my exes come back into my life?

Can You Achieve Your Highest Goal? | DJVlog #5

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Hitting the Mental Reset Button

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Today I am taking a break from work and stress and just walking around Philadelphia enjoying all the beauty. This makes me happy to be alive. When I was in jail, I regretted not doing this more often when I was on the outside. Here’s to making up for lost time!

Derrick J Can’t Take the Heat

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