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DerrickJ LIVE! Commentates VP Debate

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Ademo is out of Jail!!

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DerrickJ Live! on ADAM VS THE MAN

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I was on the ADAM VS THE MAN Podcast today! We talked about a young man in NYC who recorded a stop-and-frisk interaction, Ademo’s case and his freedom, and some odd-shaped urinals in Sydney Australia. We also talked with special guests Jason Rink from the Foundation for a Free Society and


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Here is the latest video I produced for the ADAM VS THE MAN Newscast. A few of the videos I have produced so far have gone viral, and I’m excited to see what will happen with this one. I am proud of this project, and I’m looking forward to producing more for you to enjoy in the future. This was written by one of the talented writers for AVTM, Rahul Kanwar. I read, recorded, and edited. If you want to catch more videos like this one, subscribe to my blog over at

Reporting on Exile

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Ron Paul Owns Ben Bernanke in 10 Seconds!

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Samuel L Jackson, STFU!

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New Software and Business Cards

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Today I ordered business cards that should be arriving in about a week. They look something like this:

Of course, they won’t have the logo on them when the real ones arrive.

Today I also took my first stab at using the Adobe Premiere Pro CS 6 program. It’s incredible! A real joy to use as an editor. I found a lot of the interface to be very intuitive. I think this is the program I’ll be using for a while! To see my first project using Premiere, check out this video:

DerrickJ Ends The Fed DC 2012

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Today I went with the Adam Vs The Man crew to Washington, D.C. (Mordor). I went in order to take video of a rally. Adam Kokesh went to speak on a megaphone and help MC the event. He led a march down from the Treasury Building to the Federal Reserve, where about 60 people marched and chanted, “END THE FED, END THE DEBT, END THE WARS.” Upon arrival at the Federal Reserve building, activists lined up to face the building along its front and symbolically turned their backs in an “about face.” Some activists burned dollar bills in front of the building as security guards watched, hopelessly outnumbered by a crowd of peaceful people armed to the teeth with video cameras.

Here’s some video of a speech I gave about living freer by moving to the Shire today:

Here’s all of the raw video I shot that day:

We came back from the house later and made some killer ribs:

Kokesh Ribs, Brussel Sprouts, and Cauliflower

DerrickJ Leaves Shire for Mordor

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Today I left Keene in the Shire and arrived in Washington, D.C. I used AG Services (Darryl W. Perry’s Agorist Cab services) to Brattleboro, Vermont, where I hopped aboard an Amtrak train headed for D.C. I tweeted while I was on the train. It ended up being an eventful ride. I arrived over 3 hours late after the train’s motor broke down a few times and was eventually replaced. Several times, the interruptions occurred without any explanation by Amtrak staff. I was very disappointed, and tweeted to let them know. @Amtrak responded to my tweet and directed me to call customer service. I did, and I was given a $100 travel voucher good for one year. Yay! That really helped resolve the issue for me.

Here’s a high-quality video I did before leaving:

Here’s a livestream I did before leaving:

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