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Armed Bullies Interrupt Rainbow Day

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A candidate for the upcoming school board election, Ian Freeman is campaigning to parents outside of Keene High School when some armed men dressed in black come and threaten to cage some peaceful people. The law enforcers “guess” the peaceful bunch are standing on “school board property” and that the supposed owners want these people to be put in cages if they don’t move over an invisible boundary just 3 feet away.

Interview with Jewish Human Rights Activist Liza Behrendt

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This Thursday I had the pleasure of interviewing Human Rights Activist Liza Behrendt. Liza is a young jew From Durham, New Hampshire who cares about the future of Jewish people and of all people. She Studied at Brandeis University and lives in Brooklyn, New York working as a Community Organizing Coordinator at the Gay Men’s Health Crisis Center. She was arrested as part of occupy Wall St and is an active voice on behalf of injustice everywhere. Recently, Liza was featured in a video by Code Pink Action that went viral overnight.

In my interview with Liza for Fr33manTV, I asked her about AIPAC’s history and influence as well as what she’d like to see for the future of peaceful resistance against state terrorism. While she seems to be a statist, she is certainly an ally when it comes to furthering the dialogue of peaceful solutions to ending wars.

Arrested for Recording In Court

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On June 27, 2011, in Keene, NH, I was kidnapped by agents of the state. It was 30 minutes before work, and I was finishing up my weekly “Don’t Take the Plea Deal” outreach at City Hall (below the court). Then I heard that my friend Ademo had been arrested for asking a judge some questions. I turned on my camera and went upstairs to inquire. Within 6 seconds, I was arrested for recording.

After being released from my kidnappers, I prepared for trial.

My motion to dismiss was denied, but the charges were dropped a day before trial.

Give Peace a Chance Arrest

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This post contains everything related to my arrest for possessing 0.1 gram of cannabis.

Adam Kokesh of “Adam vs. the Man” filmed and edited this video of my arrest:

Here are playlists of videos from others who attended the “Give Peace A Chance” event:

Jason Talley of Talley.TV:

Cecelia Freechild of

Fr33 Agents Radio News 2012-03-04

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Frowny Crossing Guard

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Lenco Bearcat Promo Pulled Offline; Activists Revive

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Assaulted by a Crossing Guard

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Friday, March 2, 2012 – I am assaulted by an angry crossing guard while filming Keene Middle School for the Shire Free Press. She didn’t give her name.

Here are some links to shorter/longer clips of this incident:

9-Second Version in which she attacks.
53-Second Version in which she explains.
3-Minute Version in which I forgive her.
Raw Version featuring the Keene Police rejecting the Police Hugging Squad coming soon!

Thanks But No Tanks Buttons Are Here!

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Check them out and buy yours today! Collect them, wear them on your favorite jacket or hat, or give them to your most seditious friends! All proceeds go to the organization helping to stop the militarization of our streets.

Detained for Handing Out Literature

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