FR33MANTV FreeKeene Video

FreeKeene Owns Santorum

Rick Santorum came to Keene this Friday and was met by a group of carol-singing activists. He was asked if he Googled himself, he was serenaded, and he was made to feel unwelcome. Local liberty activists Ian Freeman, Beau Davis, and Derrick J. Freeman were “asked to leave” the event–Keene Police took it upon themselves to put their hands on these men, pushing them up the stairs because one of Santorum’s staffers said, “I want them out.”

Courts FR33MANTV FreeKeene Video

Happy Holidays, Keene Bureaucrats!

The Freeman Family sends its warmest wishes to the Keene Bureaucrats this year. Maybe they will grant my Christmas wish and stop arresting peaceful people. Until then, I will record!

Civil Disobedience Courts FR33MANTV FreeKeene Video

Fr33manTV v. KeenePD Begins…

I file 2 motions: One to appeal the illegal decision to deny my license to carry concealed, the second to separate my upcoming court dates.

Civil Disobedience FR33MANTV FreeKeene Video

Keene PD Illegally Denies Pistol License

Last week I applied for a concealed carry license because winter clothes make it nearly impossible to open carry and driving with a loaded gun is a crime in NH. New Hampshire is a shall-issue state, which means that if a person qualifies, he must be given a license.

FR33MANTV Occupy Video

Occupy NH Becomes Self-Aware

Yesterday Fr33manTV went to Hookset, NH with liberty activists Ian Freeman, TalleyTV, and Kelly Voluntaryist to investigate and participate in the first Occupy New Hampshire General Assembly. After 3 hours of polite deliberation, the only thing the GA decided was the time and date of their next meeting.