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Never-Ending Freedom Song

1) Record yourself singing. 2) Upload it as a video response.

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Fr33 Agents TV News Debut

Fr33 Agents Radio News is now producing video accompaniment for their episodes. This is the first episode. Enjoy and subscribe for more updates on the growing peaceful evolution happening around the globe! More like this here. This episode would not have been possible without Ian Freeman and LRN.FM Fr33 Agents Radio News – March 16, […]

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Don’t Strip Our Rights – Nekkid TSA Outreach

This video was made by my friend Liberty Rapsher. Check out his other hilarious videos!

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Cop Attacks Peaceful Man

A policewoman in Hollis, New Hampshire thought it was the right thing to do to take out her pepper spray and launch it unannounced into the eyes of peaceful 21-year-old Eric Geller, who was visiting his alma mater to have discussions with his former professors. In my recent interview with Eric, he says that he […]

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FKTV – Episode 34 – March 12th, 2012

On this weeks episode: 1. School Board Elections 2. Homeless on the rise in Cheshire County 3. Ademo Freeman has a video conclusion for his latest arrest by Judge Burke 4. An Adam Kokesh video featuring the Veterans march on D.C. 5. Derrick J Freeman presents a video in regards to outreach at the High […]

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You Are Living In The Future Now

What if you could send the messages of peace, cooperation, and individual sovereignty to a specific city block over their mobile devices? Introducing…Flying pirate networks. Electronic Countermeasures @ GLOW Festival NL 2011 from liam young on Vimeo.


Armed Bullies Interrupt Rainbow Day

A candidate for the upcoming school board election, Ian Freeman is campaigning to parents outside of Keene High School when some armed men dressed in black come and threaten to cage some peaceful people. The law enforcers “guess” the peaceful bunch are standing on “school board property” and that the supposed owners want these people […]

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Interview with Jewish Human Rights Activist Liza Behrendt

This Thursday I had the pleasure of interviewing Human Rights Activist Liza Behrendt. Liza is a young jew From Durham, New Hampshire who cares about the future of Jewish people and of all people. She Studied at Brandeis University and lives in Brooklyn, New York working as a Community Organizing Coordinator at the Gay Men’s […]

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Arrested for Recording In Court

On June 27, 2011, in Keene, NH, I was kidnapped by agents of the state. It was 30 minutes before work, and I was finishing up my weekly “Don’t Take the Plea Deal” outreach at City Hall (below the court). Then I heard that my friend Ademo had been arrested for asking a judge some […]

Civil Disobedience Courts FR33MANTV Video

Give Peace a Chance Arrest

This post contains everything related to my arrest for possessing 0.1 gram of cannabis. Adam Kokesh of “Adam vs. the Man” filmed and edited this video of my arrest: Here are playlists of videos from others who attended the “Give Peace A Chance” event: Jason Talley of Talley.TV: Cecelia Freechild of