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Man Peacefully Confronts the World Bank Head in China reported that this Tuesday an independent economist presented flyers and a brief speech to an audience attending a press conference with the World Bank president, Robert Zoellick. He interrupted the meeting by calmly standing up and presenting his case before the crowd before being whisked outside by agents of the state. He expressed concerns that interference by the World Bank would be disastrous for the Chinese economy and only benefit colluding international banks associated with Wall St.

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Topless Femen Activists Protests Putin

Russia Today reported today that a group of female activists called “Femen” successfully disrupted voting day in Russia. They activists removed their tops and attempted to take the voting machine used by front-running candidate Vladimir Putin after he cast his ballot.

In line with Femen’s modus operandi, the bare-chested women had slogans written across their bodies. This time they read, “Steal for Putin,” perhaps a parody on a pro-Putin campaign called “Strip for Putin,” in which young ladies calling themselves The Putin Army Girls encouraged others to send raunchy pictures and videos of themselves stripping in order to promote the re-election of the Russian President. It is a widely held belief throughout Russia that Putin has manipulated the election.

Here’s a video clip from the event:

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Agents of the State Kidnap 31 People for Protesting Without Permission

In the 1970’s, agents of the state began demanding people ask permission before protesting. The Washington Post reports that this Saturday, 31 people were arrested on steps of the Capitol Building in Richmond, Virginia. These people were forced to pay for that building, all the workers inside, all of the utilities, and they were told by agents of the state that if they remained on the property for which they are forced to pay, then they will be taken under threats of violence to a jail filled with cells and workers for which they are also forced to pay.

Their real charge was challenging authority, but the authority recorded the charges as unlawful assembly and trespassing. Those charges are in the highest bracket for punishment allotted for misdemeanor crimes, meaning each of the 31 people charged face up to 1 year in jail and up to a $2,500 fine. Despite this, some protestors had the inner serenity to give peace signs while being kidnapped by strange men with guns–men who ultimately made the decision to change the fates of these protestors and introduce immense financial and emotional roadblocks to their lives.

About 850 people were in attendance altogether, but “most people left after being asked. Those who did not were arrested,” said Capitol Police “Captain” Raymond Goodloe. The event was organized by a group calling itself Speak Loud with Silence, and they were protesting the signing of a piece of paper by a man calling himself the governor because they fear that action will interfere with the freedoms they enjoy with their doctor-patient relationships. The protestors, who were mostly young women, were joined by faceless men geared up in full body suits of black and military green wielding tear gas, automatic weapons, black storm trooper shields, and helmets.

The Washington Post article reported that around 1,200 people gathered in the same location just two weeks ago to protest the same thing, and last week 150 people gathered outside the governor’s mansion to protest.

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Welcome to the Fr33-Launch!

Welcome to, a website covering the peaceful evolution around the globe. Here you can connect with other individuals who are achieving a fr33 society by building websites for your causes and watching, reading, and listening to daily updates from our growing network of Fr33 Agents. Sponsor and participate in exciting new activism, and earn points to be exchanged for gear like cameras, t-shirts, and more.

As the Fr33 Agents network continues to grow, I look forward to the accelerating developments in the days and months to come. Thanks for joining us on the front lines of freedom.

– Agent Derrick J.
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Law Against Recording in Public Ruled Unconstitutional

The Associated Press reported on Friday that a Chicago street artist and activist has been exonerated after a County Judge said that criminalizing recording in public would also criminalize “wholly innocent conduct.” This decision was made after agents of the state kidnapped artist Chris Drew for selling his art without their permission. Unbeknownst to them, he had been recording their conversations with him during his arrest. The judge agreed that recording at that time is a right protected under the first amendment.

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2600 Protest Deportation of Class Valedictorian

18-year-old Daniela Pelaez is the valedictorian at her North Miami high school. She scored a 5 on her AP US History exam and has already been accepted to Yale. She is beloved by her 2,600 classmates and administrators, as evidenced by a special protest held outside of her high school following orders by an immigration judge to leave the geographical boundary known as the United States or be forced out by hired men with guns and black uniforms.

The Miami Herald reported that one administrator who had written several of Daniela’s letters of recommendation had said, “We were always assuming [Daniela’s] future lies in an Ivy League school in a pre-med program, and then we get the news she’s going to be deported.”

Daniela’s family has been separated because of threats of violence by Agents of the State: Her mother traveled to South America 6 years ago to be treated for cancer and has not been permitted to go back home to her children. Daniela’s older brother volunteered to be the U.S. Empire’s cannon fodder by enlisting in the military. Her father was able to receive residency because of her brother’s mercenary arrangement, however Daniela and her sister are struggling to find a way to stay in their home without facing threats of state kidnapping.

The Miami Herald article mentions that “Pelaez came to the United States at age 4 with her family on a tourist visa, which they overstayed.” Though she used their process to plead with agents of the state for permission to continue living at her home of 14 years, she was told that she must leave or the agents of the state will use violence to force her compliance.

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Spanish Town Grows Pot Despite Threats from Feds

The Associated Press reported Thursday that the people who call themselves the local government of Rasquera, a Spanish village of 900 residents, have voted 4 to 3 to lease land for growing cannabis in an attempt to create about 40 local jobs.

The AP says, “The idea is for private citizens to lease or lend land to town hall, which would then create a company to manage the land and lease it to an association of marijuana-smokers in Barcelona.”

A man who claims to be the federal government threatened to initiate force or violence against anyone planting even one seed that could grow to become cannabis plants.

An agent of the state gang of Spain revealed under the condition of anonymity that his gang does not, as a matter of policy, initiate violence against people who consume cannabis in small amounts. However they do, as a matter of policy, initiate violence against people who grow cannabis, advertise it, or exchange it with others for money.

A co-op style group called ABCDA has made an initial investment of $40k in the operation which includes hiring workers to grow, harvest and package the cannabis. Like most co-ops, the end product produced would go to ABCDA members.

Rasquera’s mayor, Bernat Pellisa, made the collowing comment at the City Council meeting this Wednesday: “It is a question of opportunity, which is going to bring in money and create jobs.”

Despite the obvious opportunity to improve the local economy in an area suffering poor economic fortune, agents of the state said Thursday that “the project has zero chance of getting off the ground.”

Link to the full article here.

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Interpol Arrests 25 Anonymous Activists; Suffers Peaceful Retaliation

The Guardian reported that Interpol’s website went down briefly on Tuesday. Anonymous claimed responsibility and announced the take-down was in response to the arrests of 25 hactivists in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Spain.

Interpol announced that their agents kidnapped the 25 alleged hackers, aged 17 to 40, under the umbrella of a mission called “Operation Unmask.”

The International Police searched 40 premises in 15 cities under threats of violence and stole around 250 items of IT equipment, mobile phones, payment cards and cash.

The Guardian Article continues,

Cyber-attacks by hackers linked to Anonymous have become a fairly regular occurance. Earlier this month, they marked the one-year anniversary of the uprising in Bahrain by attacking Combined Systems, a tactical weapons company that has been accused of selling tear gas canisters and grenades to Arab governments. Anonymous said the attack was in retaliation for sales by the company of chemical weapons “to repress our revolutionary movements. Also earlier this month, a leak by the hacking group of an 18-minute discussion between members of the FBI and the Metropolitan police embarrassed authorities and raised questions over how security was breached.”

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Fr33 Agents in Keene Featured in New Documentary Trailer

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The trailer for State of Liberty was screened at the 2012 Liberty Forum in Nashua, NH. It’s being produced by a group of Keene State College students and focuses on the activism that takes place in the small town of Keene, New Hampshire.

It’s due to be released this summer and you can follow this production on Facebook and Twitter for updates on upcoming screenings and events.

The documentary is being recorded at a good time for me because it will share Judge Burke’s illegal activity with a wider audience and how it led to my arrest for possession of a camera in a courthouse.

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Over 1,000 Tibetans Protest Sunday, Gov’t Denies it Happened

The International Campaign for Tibet said Monday that, “The 18-year-old monk, identified as Nangdrol, set himself alight Sunday in Sichuan province’s Rangtang county.”

Over 1000 gathered in Sichuan Sunday night to attend a vigil for the deceased young man.

The AFP also reported that “An official surnamed Huang, who works for the finance department of the Rangtang government, denied the self-immolation and gathering had taken place.”

22 Tibetans have self-immolated within the last year as a response to the martial law imposed on Tibetan businesses and monasteries by agents of the Chinese government.  State agents are preemptively surveilling places of worship 24-hours a day and cutting phone and Internet communications for some in the region in an effort to control the individuals who live free.