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The Trial of Darryl W Perry

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 – Residency & Registration, two victimless crimes. Darryl seeks to defend himself against the charges, but Judge Burke takes the case under advisement. Here is the full video, with picture-in-picture of the Judge’s face.

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I Was Attacked for Recording in Keene

After video recording his arraignment for charges of Second-Degree Assault, James Michael Phillips and his posse came across the street and knocked my camera to the ground.  Before attacking me and my property, it appears they called the police to the scene. When the police arrived, they investigated the crimes of theft and two assaults.

Here are the raw videos capturing the scene that unfolded. Unfortunately, each video cuts out after the assailants grab the cameras from my hands and threw them on the ground.

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James Michael Phillips Arraigned

james michael phillipsToday I attended and recorded the public arraignment of James Michael Phillips. The Keene Police charged Phillips with Second-Degree Assault. He will face that charge beginning this Wednesday, Aug 6 at 1:30p for a Hearing at Keene District Court. Part of his conditions set by Judge Burke included a no-contact order with Matthew Oldershaw (his victim). Judge Burke also gave an order that Phillips may not speak with Dorrie O’Meara about the case. Here is the full arraignment video:

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Gun Rights Fundraiser | Appeal CCW Denial

Should civil disobedience disqualify a person from putting a gun in his pocket?

Because of my Victimless Crime Spree, the Keene Police are now denying me a Concealed Carry License. I am appealing, and a hearing will be set sometime in the next two weeks. I’ve hired rockstar attorney Evan Nappen to help me. You can help cover the cost of his services by donating here: or by sending bitcoin here: 17CMtf86297jB7sdDDqUH51Xy7xkkwcT4a

Donate bitcoin: Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 1.34.00 PM

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Drug War Claims Innumerable Victims | Fox News Un-Spun

This week, Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly of Fox News talked about, a police accountability website. In their segment, they mocked founder Ademo Freeman for being a “two-time victim of the War on Drugs.” What’s funny about that? Aren’t we all victims of the War on Drugs? Share your thoughts below.

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Kid Buys Zombie Book from Muslim in Silk Road Tee

I shot this video at Porcfest during one of the days I was walking around. One of the things I never noticed until a third or fourth viewing is that the kid is wearing a “Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party” Pin on her shirt. The mother might be breastfeeding while her child buys a zombie book written by a Muslim who is wearing a Silk Road t-shirt. PorcFest is a special kind of place.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 4.23.15 AM

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Washington ‘Redskins’ Name Change | Free Talk Live

Ian Freeman and Mark Edge, the regular hosts of Free Talk Live, are at a Talk Radio Convention in New York City. While they’re away, Darryl Perry and I are hosting the show! Tune in live at or by watching below:

Watch live streaming video from lrnfm at

Washington Redskins story

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Keene Sends Message to Thugs: “Keep it Up!”

The following is Rich Paul’s letter to the Keene City Council, as recorded and transcribed by Derrick J Freeman:

When two groups of bullies attacked artists on consecutive days on The Common this month, the Keene City Government sent them a firm message: “Keep it up! We have your back.” How else can we interpret the facts?

In the first attack, four men, all of whom are employed by the Pour House or Pedraza’s, attacked my friend Andy from behind. I dropped my camera and phone, picked up the camera monopod, and drove three of them off. One Pour House employee was able to steal my camera and phone but serious violence was averted.

The City’s response was swift and sure: they arrested me two days later for being a felon in possession of a stick. They have not taken any action against the rioters and thieves. The video of this incident can be found on YouTube, and the thief, first name Terry, bragged of his theft (of the camera) on Twitter.

In the second incident, nobody was fast enough to protect the artist from serious harm, and therefore no arrests have been made. However, City Councilor Filiault is still willing to take the bold step of protecting violent thugs against offensive smiley faces and peace signs by outlawing sidewalk art. His message to bullies: “Hurt people, and we’ll give people what they want.” Perhaps a better solution would be to hold Dorrie O’Meara, who employs all 5 of the attackers, accountable for what her employees do while on the clock.

But then who would protect the bullies?

Richard Paul
℅ Cheshire County D.O.C.
825 Marlboro Road
Keene, NH 03431

Donate to Rich here.

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Jailed Activist Rich Paul Calls with News

Pot Activist Rich Paul called me tonight from the Cheshire County House of Corrections, where he is currently being held on a violation of probation charge. Support his fundraiser to help him escape the cage faster!

Mail Rich a Letter in Jail (FREE!)

Video of Arrest:

Alleged violation:

Arrest Explained:

Rich Paul’s Bitcoin Address: 1FwhAjyBkHNNgsHJjkAeyveqTioPvyvvtQ

Free Rich Paul Facebook Page

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More Guns Means Less Violence

I’m raising money for Rich Paul, freedom activist. Earlier today, in response to my post on facebook linking to this fundraiser, a man named Jason commented that he believed Rich to be in the wrong because he broke the law. Specifically, he held up a camera monopod in a defensive posture when approached by a gang of violent thugs. The thugs injured one of Rich’s friends that night. No one had a firearm.

Jason postulated that if everyone were armed, there would have been a deadly shootout. I responded thusly:

If you’re interested in the relationship between firearms and violence, I recommend the book, “More Guns, Less Crime.” Turns out people are less likely to turn to violence when more people are armed. 

If Rich Paul were armed, as he normally is, no one would be coming over to aggress against him. And if *everyone* were armed, the mutually assured destruction dictates that no one draws his weapon. Ever heard the expression, “An armed society is a polite society”? 

Don’t believe me or invent hypotheticals. There’s already real data to examine. The most armed societies are also the least violent. It’s initially counter-intuitive, sure. But so are lots of things that are borne out by evidence: The idea that the earth is round is counter-intuitive to those who look around and see flat land. The fact is, more guns means less crime.…/dp/0226493660