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FR33Agents Radio News 2-08-2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


FreeKeeneTV Episode 30

This was posted by JJ at today:

On this weeks episode:
1. A history of the Kingsbury Corporation
2. The BEARCAT has a public hearing at the Finance, operation and personnel committee this Thursday at 5:30p
3. Russia Today has a different perspective on American politics
4. Opponents of Marijuana decriminalization
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Civil Disobedience Courts FR33MANTV FreeKeene Networks Video

State Agents Arrest, Cage FR33 Agent Over $4 Fee

Shire activist Ryan Maddox was arrested on Friday, February 3rd, 2012. His alleged crimes? Theft, disorderly conduct, and placing others in danger. Then when arrested, he was charged with another “crime,” resisting his own kidnapping. Listen to him describe the incident which started it all…

(*Note* The date on this video mistakenly shows 1.04.2012 when it should actually read 1.14.2012, which is the day after the incident occurred.)
Ryan will NOT be taking a plea deal for the outrageous charges that followed this incident:

To learn his charges, continue reading…

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FR33Agents Radio News 2-07-2012

FR33Agents Radio News February 7, 2012Tuesday, February 7, 2012 – Featuring Agent Eddie Free reporting from the District of Criminals, Co-hosted by Agents TalleyTV & DerrickJ, Audio-Engineered by X

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FR33Agents Radio News 2-6-2012

FR33Agents Radio News 2-6-2012

Courts FR33MANTV Freedom to Travel Video

Traffic Court

I have refused to pay every parking ticket I’ve received since moving to Keene:

December 6, 2011:

January 29, 2012: