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Over 1,000 Tibetans Protest Sunday, Gov’t Denies it Happened

The International Campaign for Tibet said Monday that, “The 18-year-old monk, identified as Nangdrol, set himself alight Sunday in Sichuan province’s Rangtang county.”

Over 1000 gathered in Sichuan Sunday night to attend a vigil for the deceased young man.

The AFP also reported that “An official surnamed Huang, who works for the finance department of the Rangtang government, denied the self-immolation and gathering had taken place.”

22 Tibetans have self-immolated within the last year as a response to the martial law imposed on Tibetan businesses and monasteries by agents of the Chinese government.  State agents are preemptively surveilling places of worship 24-hours a day and cutting phone and Internet communications for some in the region in an effort to control the individuals who live free.