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Frowny Crossing Guard

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Lenco Bearcat Promo Pulled Offline; Activists Revive

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Assaulted by a Crossing Guard

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Friday, March 2, 2012 – I am assaulted by an angry crossing guard while filming Keene Middle School for the Shire Free Press. She didn’t give her name.

Here are some links to shorter/longer clips of this incident:

9-Second Version in which she attacks.
53-Second Version in which she explains.
3-Minute Version in which I forgive her.
Raw Version featuring the Keene Police rejecting the Police Hugging Squad coming soon!

Thanks But No Tanks Buttons Are Here!

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ThanksButNoTanks.com is now offering trendy buttons to go along with their cool t-shirts!

Check them out and buy yours today! Collect them, wear them on your favorite jacket or hat, or give them to your most seditious friends! All proceeds go to the organization helping to stop the militarization of our streets.

Detained for Handing Out Literature

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Welcome to the Fr33-Launch!

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Welcome to Fr33Agents.com, a website covering the peaceful evolution around the globe. Here you can connect with other individuals who are achieving a fr33 society by building websites for your causes and watching, reading, and listening to daily updates from our growing network of Fr33 Agents. Sponsor and participate in exciting new activism, and earn points to be exchanged for gear like cameras, t-shirts, and more.

As the Fr33 Agents network continues to grow, I look forward to the accelerating developments in the days and months to come. Thanks for joining us on the front lines of freedom.

– Agent Derrick J.
P.S. Have you checked out today’s episode of Fr33 Agents Radio News?

Law Against Recording in Public Ruled Unconstitutional

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The Associated Press reported on Friday that a Chicago street artist and activist has been exonerated after a County Judge said that criminalizing recording in public would also criminalize “wholly innocent conduct.” This decision was made after agents of the state kidnapped artist Chris Drew for selling his art without their permission. Unbeknownst to them, he had been recording their conversations with him during his arrest. The judge agreed that recording at that time is a right protected under the first amendment.

2600 Protest Deportation of Class Valedictorian

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18-year-old Daniela Pelaez is the valedictorian at her North Miami high school. She scored a 5 on her AP US History exam and has already been accepted to Yale. She is beloved by her 2,600 classmates and administrators, as evidenced by a special protest held outside of her high school following orders by an immigration judge to leave the geographical boundary known as the United States or be forced out by hired men with guns and black uniforms.

The Miami Herald reported that one administrator who had written several of Daniela’s letters of recommendation had said, “We were always assuming [Daniela’s] future lies in an Ivy League school in a pre-med program, and then we get the news she’s going to be deported.”

Daniela’s family has been separated because of threats of violence by Agents of the State: Her mother traveled to South America 6 years ago to be treated for cancer and has not been permitted to go back home to her children. Daniela’s older brother volunteered to be the U.S. Empire’s cannon fodder by enlisting in the military. Her father was able to receive residency because of her brother’s mercenary arrangement, however Daniela and her sister are struggling to find a way to stay in their home without facing threats of state kidnapping.

The Miami Herald article mentions that “Pelaez came to the United States at age 4 with her family on a tourist visa, which they overstayed.” Though she used their process to plead with agents of the state for permission to continue living at her home of 14 years, she was told that she must leave or the agents of the state will use violence to force her compliance.

Fr33 Agents Radio News 2012-03-03

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