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Youth Self-Immolates

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Al Jazeera reported this week of a Tibetan youth who has burned himself to death as part of the protest against the occupation of businesses and monestaries by agents of the Chinese government.

The self-immolating youth, named Dorjee, was 18 years old and died from the incident.

When approached by Reuters, local police denied any knowledge of the incident.

In the past year at least 25 people have set their own bodies ablaze. Though this campaign began in 2008 with the self-immolating members of the religious community, it has grown to include average Tibetans beyond the borders of what is traditionally known as Tibet. Contrary to what most would expect, the most recent deaths were all regular people–not monks or clergy.

Free Tibet is a group based in Britain which cited an eyewitness saying that “Dorjee set himself on fire near a bridge and then walked in flames to a government office building where he collapsed.”

International Campaign for Tibet spoke with Tibetan monks at the Kirti monastery in India’s Dharamsala, the seat of the exiled Tibetan government. They reported that Dorjee shouted slogans against the policies of Tibetan repression by agents of the Chinese government as he set himself ablaze.

Dorjee’s death came two days after two Tibetans killed themselves by setting themselves on fire neighboring provinces.

Activists say that agents of the Chinese government violently stamp out religious freedom and culture in Tibet, which has been under the violence-backed control of Chinese state agents since 1950.

Japanese Whaling Short Quota, Blame Peaceful Resisters

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There were definitely sabotage campaigns behind the figure.”
Japanese Fisheries Agency Official

The BBC reported on Friday that with the season over, the Japanese Fisheries Agency announced their whalers accumulated less than a third of their annual goal. In total, 266 minke whales were caught and one fin whale. Though there has been an international ban on commercial whaling for over 25 years, their objective is to catch about 1,000 of the mammals annually “for scientific research.”

The agency holds anti-whaling activists responsible for the whalers’ lack of success.

AFP spoke with an agency official who said, “The catch was smaller than planned due to factors including weather conditions and sabotage acts by activists. There were definitely sabotage campaigns behind the figure.”

One group involved in the peaceful resistance is called Sea Shepherd. They trail the Japanese fleet and make attempts to disrupt its hunt by positioning their ship between the harpoon and the whales while spraying water cannons into the air to block whalers from taking accurate shots.

While the agents of the state in Australia have pursued legal action against agents of the state in Japan in the International Court of Justice, the brave activists are being the change they want to see in the world and are having an impact today despite the great risk to themselves.

Interview with Jewish Human Rights Activist Liza Behrendt

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This Thursday I had the pleasure of interviewing Human Rights Activist Liza Behrendt. Liza is a young jew From Durham, New Hampshire who cares about the future of Jewish people and of all people. She Studied at Brandeis University and lives in Brooklyn, New York working as a Community Organizing Coordinator at the Gay Men’s Health Crisis Center. She was arrested as part of occupy Wall St and is an active voice on behalf of injustice everywhere. Recently, Liza was featured in a video by Code Pink Action that went viral overnight.

In my interview with Liza for Fr33manTV, I asked her about AIPAC’s history and influence as well as what she’d like to see for the future of peaceful resistance against state terrorism. While she seems to be a statist, she is certainly an ally when it comes to furthering the dialogue of peaceful solutions to ending wars.

Redress Your Grievances!

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