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FR33MANTV 250 Subscribers in 3 Weeks!

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Coinciding with the launch of the new website, FR33MAN.TV the FR33MANTV youtube channel reached a landmark 1,250 subscribed viewers. After it took over a year for my channel to climb to 1000 subscribers this past September, and now 3 weeks later I am celebrating another landmark! I’m humbled to know that you are enjoying my entertainment and independent journalism. Thank you for tuning in.

I’ll be doing a video on this later, but I wanted to post the screenshot anyway.

Ali Havens on ADAM VS THE MAN

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Anarcho-Ali of AliHavens.com is now writing for the ADAM VS THE MAN Newscast, the only comedy news show written by Anarchists. There are also rumors that Ali will be joining the AVTM LIVE! crew as a cohost for the daytime podcast hosted by Adam Kokesh of AdamVStheMan.com. I will wait with baited breath for her arrival in the District of Criminals, and I will keep you posted, dear reader, as to her latest interaction with AVTM.

Here are some examples of Ali’s comedy pieces which have been used by ADAM VS THE MAN so far:

Calling Aunt Ricky

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Today I called my Aunt Ricky. I call her regularly, but since she’s 94 years old, I recognize that I won’t be doing this forever. I’ve often wanted to record one of the calls and save it for posterity. Today I’ve dont just that. I hope you get a glimpse into the woman who made me who I am today. Enjoy!

The full, unedited video can be found by clicking here.