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Moving to Keene, NH | DJVlog 007

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False Start | DJVlog 006

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This vlog episode was a false-start. I was recording in a friend’s house where I was working, but since someone came in and interrupted, I cancelled the segment.


Today I am working on my show, Sick Sad World, to produce informative entertainment for the liberty-inclined. It’s dark humor, so it’s not for everyone. Plus, my exes come back into my life?

Raw Milk on Trial | PNN Live #68

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Raw Milk Loses in Court, Plus Freedom to Travel

David Gumpert and Jay Noone join PNN Live to discuss important issues in the peaceful resistance community. In the first hour, we cover the raw milk issue, specifically the recent court battle lost by Michael Schmidt in Ontario, Canada. In the second hour, we talk with Jay Noone about freedom to travel issues and how to challenge the motor vehicle code. Plus, as always, we’ll cover peaceful resistance news from around the world.

http://thecompletepatient.com/  http://thecompletepatient.com/article/2014/march/11/michael-schmidt-vows-people-will-get-their-milk



Mother petitions court decision ordering her to follow father’s request to circumcise son






Satoshi Saturdays, March 15!



Weird Facts about States



Good buys and Coins to Avoid



Patrick Byrne



Corn Flakes Are Bullshit



New Tech Indiegogo Could Help You Spend Bitcoins



US Congressman Calls for Ban on US Dollars to Mock Bitcoin Ban



Interrelations Happy Story



Free Comedy Cartoon Comic Book Give-away!



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New Sick Sad World Website

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Can You Achieve Your Highest Goal? | DJVlog #5

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PNN Live #67 Liberty Love Fest 4

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In this episode, I interview politicians who are running for office in New Hampshire (to try and make it more free than it already is), and Kristin Alpert talks Liberty Love Fest, plus Peace News, and more!

Matt Phillips – Free Stater running for Bedford, NH Town Council


Kristin Alpert – Liberty Love Fest 4, http://LibertyLoveFest.org


Dan Itse – NH State Rep, Author of “States Have Powers”


(HOAX) Connecticut Police Refuse to Enforce New Gun Laws

http://www.examiner.com/article/conn-police-refuse-to-enforce-new-gun-laws This story turned out to be false reporting based on a hoax.


Feds Dismiss 11 Charges Against Barrett Brown



Parent Bashes Cop’s Head into Wall


Digital Common Law Autonomous Dispute Resolution



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