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PNN Live #79 April 27, 2014

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April 27, 2014


Peace News Now is a live call-in news show airing live twice a week focussing on stories of activism and peaceful resistance. In this episode: Bitcoin, Food, and Feudalism; CopBlock Founder Ademo Freeman facing Wiretapping charges (AGAIN), and a student is suing her University for violating her rights to free speech. Plus, your calls on Skype at “PeaceNewsNow” or call HiFi-Civ-Dis — that’s 443-424-8347.


Hour 1: Peace News


Hour 2: Mainstream News




A group of Free Stater activists got together today in downtown Manchester for something called Drumz for Peace. They beat drums, held signs, and conversed with their community from 1:30pm to 3:30p, though some were chased away by the rain. Do you love peace and freedom and live in the Manchester area? Join the Drumz for Peace Facebook page for more updates about community gatherings. If you don’t live in New Hampshire, consider joining the peaceful people who are moving for more freedom. Learn more about the most successful project for Liberty in Our Lifetime at FreeStateProject.org


There’s a Shire Bitcoin Meetup tonight at 6pm in Manchester, New Hampshire. Come on out and socialize with other Bitcoiners from 6pm to 9pm at Murphy’s Taproom. The event is held in the private back room of Murphy’s since this typically attracts more than a dozen attendees.


What do bitcoin, food, and feudalism all have in common?



CopBlock Founder Ademo Freeman Charged with Wiretapping (Again)



Ademo’s Motion Hearing – Manchester, NH, 1pm, Tuesday April 29th



Ademo video: http://youtu.be/Vo8zpRzoZxM


Suing for Rights



~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mainstream News:


Non-conformity is Virtue, not Mental Illness



Internet Explorer Vulnerability


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PNN Live #77 April 20, 2014

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George Orwell on 1984



Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto, Crack Smoking Mayor, running for re-election.


420 Cannabis Smokedown



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