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LIVE! Silk Road Bitcoin Auction | World Crypto Network

The FBI is auctioning off the bitcoins it stole from the Dread Pirate Roberts, the owner of the popular Silk Road website. The World Crypto Network is live to cover this monumental event. What will happen to the price? Will the transactions be approved or cancelled?

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Church Fails to Separate from State | Angel Clark Show

Derrick J joins Angel Clark in the second hour of her show for Guest Libertarian Thursdays. Watch, listen, and chat LIVE below:

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Topics:  – New version of TAILS Linux came out 2 days ago

Shire Free Church attempting peaceful separation from the State

Keene Chalk Wars Turn Hot; City Discusses Ban

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After 2 years away from the Shire, this month Derrick J returned to Free Talk Live as a regular Monday night co-host. He also co-hosts the Freedom Feens podcast with Michael Dean, appears as a regular panelist on the weekly internet show The Bitcoin Group, and hosts his own “info-tainment” shows 3 times a week. Peace News Now is a video podcast streamed live online Sundays and Tuesdays at , and Bitcoin Talk Show is an interactive call-in show that airs Wednesdays on the World Crypto Network. Subscribe to Derrick J’s content, and learn what he’s doing today at


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Get Raw, Daily

Do you love to watch the activist videos you see at Did you know that there are two “raw” channels where you can find all the uncut versions of the footage–before they hit the editing room floor. Garret Ean and I upload all of our footage to YouTube daily, whether it gets used or not. If you’re a skeptic, this is a great way to call out the activists for what you believe they’ve edited out. Dig in! Here’s just a taste of what you’ve been missing:


Videos from June 7, 2014
Videos from June 6, 2014


Shire Free Church Tax Hearing (Angle 1)
Shire Free Church Tax Hearing (Angle 2)
Shire Free Church Tax Hearing (Angle 3)