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Ian Freeman Threatened with Arrest for Chalking Supreme Court Sidewalk

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Wednesday, June 18th 2014 – 10am – Activists convened at the NH Supreme Court to hear Rich Paul’s attorney argue for an appeal. That means even though Rich Paul lost his original trial, he can ask a higher court to hear arguments to decide if the original ruling was wrongly decided. If they decide to go forward with the appeal, Rich will have a whole new trial. The Supreme Court’s ruling is where laws are challenged and clarified. Whatever they decide has the potential to set future precedent.

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Why Fatherhood Matters | PNN Live #93

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Chelsea Manning Says US Lied about original reasons for invading Iraq



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Why Father’s Day Matters



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“No Such Thing As Private Property”



Kid Hit With Baton for Recording



MI Farm Ordered to Close Down



Conservatives Try to Link Las Vegas Cop Shootings to Freedom Feens Guns and Weed the Road to Freedom Film



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More Guns Means Less Violence

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I’m raising money for Rich Paul, freedom activist. Earlier today, in response to my post on facebook linking to this fundraiser, a man named Jason commented that he believed Rich to be in the wrong because he broke the law. Specifically, he held up a camera monopod in a defensive posture when approached by a gang of violent thugs. The thugs injured one of Rich’s friends that night. No one had a firearm.

Jason postulated that if everyone were armed, there would have been a deadly shootout. I responded thusly:

If you’re interested in the relationship between firearms and violence, I recommend the book, “More Guns, Less Crime.” Turns out people are less likely to turn to violence when more people are armed. 

If Rich Paul were armed, as he normally is, no one would be coming over to aggress against him. And if *everyone* were armed, the mutually assured destruction dictates that no one draws his weapon. Ever heard the expression, “An armed society is a polite society”? 

Don’t believe me or invent hypotheticals. There’s already real data to examine. The most armed societies are also the least violent. It’s initially counter-intuitive, sure. But so are lots of things that are borne out by evidence: The idea that the earth is round is counter-intuitive to those who look around and see flat land. The fact is, more guns means less crime. http://www.amazon.com/More-Guns-Less-Crime…/dp/0226493660