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Ian Freeman Threatened with Arrest for Chalking Supreme Court Sidewalk

Wednesday, June 18th 2014 – 10am – Activists convened at the NH Supreme Court to hear Rich Paul’s attorney argue for an appeal. That means even though Rich Paul lost his original trial, he can ask a higher court to hear arguments to decide if the original ruling was wrongly decided. If they decide to […]

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Why Fatherhood Matters | PNN Live #93

  Your calls on Skype: PeaceNewsNow or 443-424-8347 Watch/Chat live:   Donate:   Chelsea Manning Says US Lied about original reasons for invading Iraq   FK Calendar:   Why Father’s Day Matters   Esquire Piece:   Father Facts / Statistics   Kid Leaves Cop Speechless   […]

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More Guns Means Less Violence

I’m raising money for Rich Paul, freedom activist. Earlier today, in response to my post on facebook linking to this fundraiser, a man named Jason commented that he believed Rich to be in the wrong because he broke the law. Specifically, he held up a camera monopod in a defensive posture when approached by a gang […]