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The Trial of Darryl W Perry

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 – Residency & Registration, two victimless crimes. Darryl seeks to defend himself against the charges, but Judge Burke takes the case under advisement. Here is the full video, with picture-in-picture of the Judge’s face.

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I Was Attacked for Recording in Keene

After video recording his arraignment for charges of Second-Degree Assault, James Michael Phillips and his posse came across the street and knocked my camera to the ground.  Before attacking me and my property, it appears they called the police to the scene. When the police arrived, they investigated the crimes of theft and two assaults. Here […]

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James Michael Phillips Arraigned

Today I attended and recorded the public arraignment of James Michael Phillips. The Keene Police charged Phillips with Second-Degree Assault. He will face that charge beginning this Wednesday, Aug 6 at 1:30p for a Hearing at Keene District Court. Part of his conditions set by Judge Burke included a no-contact order with Matthew Oldershaw (his […]

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Officers Indicted for Robbery | CopBlock Radio

Chihuahua Left for Dead after Owner Arrested   Assault Victim Jailed to Ensure She’ll Testify 6 Philly Cops Indicted for 26 Charges of Robbery, Extortion, Kidnapping Judge Who Imposed 57-year Mandatory Minimum Sentence Gets Reduced to 20 Family Sues Orange County Sheriffs Over Violent SWAT Raid Police Response to Noise […]