Derrick J has appeared in a lot of media. This page is his attempt at collecting that media in one place.

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Derrick J in Media

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Protesters curse Middleboro’s new bylaw against public profanity | SouthCoastToday.comProtesters cursed Middleboro’s rule against public profanity Monday and flashed middle fingers for free speech in a rally that drew about 60 people from the region and beyond.
Civil Disobedience 2.0: Journalist Releases "Victimless Crime Spree" DocumentaryKeene, New Hampshire (PRWEB) July 31, 2012 Derrick J. Freeman, former co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show Free Talk Live, released a highly anticipated documentary today detailing the ‘victimless crime spree’ he embarked upon earlier this year – including the surprising way police responded to peaceful protesters.
Keene PD Employee Fintan Moore Assaults Derrick J Freeman | Cop BlockDerrick J Freeman was assaulted by Fintan Moore. The video below shows background, the incident and the follow-up, of the exchange. It was completed thanks to the collaboration of many of Derrick’s friends and the editing talents of Beau Davis. Support Derrick by subscribing to his YouTube channel and donating via WePay.
New Hampshire voters hammer Santorum over his viewsAt a campaign stop Thursday, he got into a verbal sparring match with a college student about same-sex marriage, after suggesting an equivalence between same-sex relationships and polygamy. Ever since, Santorum has faced a series of confrontations – and some heckling – over his opposition to same-sex relationships and abortion.
NH considers deregulating cosmetology, other jobsCONCORD, N.H.-Anyone handy with scissors and a blow-dryer could set up shop in New Hampshire without the state’s formal blessing if an effort to eliminate education and licensing requirements for a host of occupations is successful.
Free State Project Parody: ‘A’ for Effort; ‘D’ for SpellingIf you’re going to move to New Hampshire, for liberty’s sake, you at least need to get your spelling straight. Hey Free Staters: It’s Weirs Beach, not Wiers Beach. Beyond that, we have to give the Free State Project an "A" for effort for their video, currently trending on Twitter, a musical spin on their "Live Free and Move" manifesto.


I have been a guest on several different podcasts and radio shows. Here are some examples of my appearances:

Free Talk Live
First episode , Tuesday, September 5, 2011
Last episode, Friday, September 14, 2012

Decline to State – September 12th With Adam Kokesh

Puke & the Gang
First episode, Sunday October 23, 2011
Last episode, Sunday, September 11, 2012


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