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Live-stream Video for Peaceful Revolution

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DerrickJ Hosts Angel Clark Show

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Judge: Stockton, Calif., Can File for Bankruptcy

JT Makes $$$ by Giving Album Away:

Rockefeller Calling for FCC Regulation of Internet:

FCC to Regulate Broadway Microphones?

Security Increased Across Texas After Murder of DA:

K-12 Climate Change Indoctrination:

Wall St Trading in Shadows:

In Cyprus, Cash has Premium Above Digital:

Are Bitcoins Too Popular for Their Own Good?

Dave Ridley Civil Disobedience:

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Freedoms Phoenix Talks Peace Over Violence

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Peace News Now Launches on Liberty Movement Radio

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While guest-hosting on the Adam VS the Man podcast, I was asked by a listener if I have my own podcast which he could syndicate on his new internet radio network. I did not, but his question inspired me to take the steps to create my own podcast. Finally all the steps are complete, and now I am publishing my new podcast, Peace News Now, on my new website, PeaceNewsNow.com. It’s easy to subscribe from Peace.Libsyn.com

In this episode, I sit down in-studio to speak with Ali Havens about some news topics. Some things we talk about today are:

  • this new show!
  • BuckyBalls are now history
  • the ban on “homosexual propaganda” in Russia
  • Craigslist sex ads for election night
  • Anonymous Hacks NBC!

Right-click here to download this episode.

Ali Havens on ADAM VS THE MAN

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Anarcho-Ali of AliHavens.com is now writing for the ADAM VS THE MAN Newscast, the only comedy news show written by Anarchists. There are also rumors that Ali will be joining the AVTM LIVE! crew as a cohost for the daytime podcast hosted by Adam Kokesh of AdamVStheMan.com. I will wait with baited breath for her arrival in the District of Criminals, and I will keep you posted, dear reader, as to her latest interaction with AVTM.

Here are some examples of Ali’s comedy pieces which have been used by ADAM VS THE MAN so far:

DerrickJ on Decline to State

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This Wednesday, September 12, I joined up with the Reddit AnCap community‘s decentralized podcast, Decline to State.

(Link to podcast here.)

The show was hosted by Zach Sandager (Zom), Dalton Adair (WrongOpinion), and some others (Throwaway-O and Ronald McPaul). Adam Kokesh was also a guest during the show, and we had the opportunity to share with the listeners our upcoming project, the Adam Vs The Man Newscast, a comedy news show broadcasting over the Adam Kokesh YouTube channel 5 days a week starting October 8th, 2012.

Launch of FR33 Agents Radio News!

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