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Bitcoin, Guns and Gold | Come and Talk It Download Podcast Steven Zeiler and I talk bitcoin with Michael Cargill and Sheldon Weisfeld of CoinValt on the show “Come and Talk It” airing live every Sunday from 4-5p Central on 1370 AM. We covered how bitcoins are generated, how anonymous (or not) they are, and what people are using them for today. We also […]

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Is BitPay Anti-Guns?

Central Texas Gun Works, a popular gun store in Austin, accepts bitcoin as payment for everything they sell. Safety training, tshirts, shooting courses, and firearms. They not only sell all your favorite guns for bitcoin and ship them anywhere in the country, but they also have a bitcoin ATM in their store. They were one […]

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Anti-Gay Arizona | PNN Live #64

Anti-Gay Arizona & the Big Bitcoin Crash Direct download: PNN_064_Feb_25_2014.mp3 Liberty Forum, Arizona Gay Bill, Bitcoin & Mt Gox Make Video blasting George Takei over Arizona Gay Bill thing Post to about Ducks thing Do a blog write-up of Liberty Forum Put this video on Peace News ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10p Michael Cargill Big […]