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Kids Eat Shit … Literally

I’ve been working around the clock to write and produce videos. Here are a few from the past week or so:

Kids Eat Shit … Literally

Obama’s Zombie Children

AVTM #13: Halloween Cancelled!

Networks Video

Don’t Strip Our Rights!

Liberty Rapsher filmed and edited this of Kelly Voluntaryist and me protesting the TSA at the Manchester Airport in our underwear. Enjoy!

Courts FR33MANTV FreeKeene Video

Happy Holidays, Keene Bureaucrats!

The Freeman Family sends its warmest wishes to the Keene Bureaucrats this year. Maybe they will grant my Christmas wish and stop arresting peaceful people. Until then, I will record!


Thrilla in Manchilla!

I will be participating in a Dance-Off competition in Manchester today. Here is a training video I made with Cecelia Freechild.

Civil Disobedience FR33MANTV FreeKeene Video

Keene PD Illegally Denies Pistol License

Last week I applied for a concealed carry license because winter clothes make it nearly impossible to open carry and driving with a loaded gun is a crime in NH. New Hampshire is a shall-issue state, which means that if a person qualifies, he must be given a license.

FR33MANTV Occupy Video

Occupy NH Becomes Self-Aware

Yesterday Fr33manTV went to Hookset, NH with liberty activists Ian Freeman, TalleyTV, and Kelly Voluntaryist to investigate and participate in the first Occupy New Hampshire General Assembly. After 3 hours of polite deliberation, the only thing the GA decided was the time and date of their next meeting.