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Living Courageously and Taking the Consequences

Gay homeless YouTuber Jeff4Justice joins us via his mobile studio. He interviews tons of cool celebrities on his youtube channel and he has the courage to live differently from the status quo. Michele Seven calls in about Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver’s recent visa denial. Pablo Frias, recently arrested, updates Peace News on the state of […]

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Anti-Gay Arizona | PNN Live #64

Anti-Gay Arizona & the Big Bitcoin Crash Direct download: PNN_064_Feb_25_2014.mp3 Liberty Forum, Arizona Gay Bill, Bitcoin & Mt Gox Make Video blasting George Takei over Arizona Gay Bill thing Post to about Ducks thing Do a blog write-up of Liberty Forum Put this video on Peace News ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10p Michael Cargill Big […]

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Flaming Freedom

This Saturday night, I traveled across the Shire to Manchester to join the crew of Flaming Freedom. It was a huge success touching on the subjects of: NH bill allows business to refuse service to gay couples Different age of consent for gay marriages James Franco gay sex scenes Christians apologize for oppressing LGBT Forced […]