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Dead-Finger Party Mix Tape | Freedom Feens

Derrick J Freeman, Davi Barker and Michael W. Dean.

Cults, Memento Mori, Blair Fish Project, LolBerts, is Jeffery Tucker gay?, Lou visits GCN and more!


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Penetrating the Free Market – Flaming Freedom

Cohosts Derrick J, Steven Zeiler, Joe Jarvis, James Cleaveland, and special guest caller Jeffrey Tucker. Show Notes

Audio Civil Disobedience Freedom Feens News Podcast

Waxing Cyborgs and Exposing Hairy Hamsters – Freedom Feens

DerrickJ and MK Lords yak about hairless Jeffrey Tucker cyborgs and freeing the nipple and why ladies should have the same right to be as nekkid as guys. Also, Jeff Tucker was arrested (while fully clothed), and we upload our brains into the cloud to send our hairless cyborg bodies on adventures through the Feen galaxy high atop Beastlick Plaza.

(Download Episode) / Free The Nipple / Jeffrey Tucker Arrested

Co-hosts talked over the miles via FeenPhone