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Current Affairs Magazine Rips New Media a New Asshole

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I rarely get excited about Kickstarter crap. In fact, I’m subscribed to a YouTube channel dedicated to making fun of the bollox pedaled by wishful dreamers on the crowdfunding site. That’s why when I read that my college friend Nathan J. Robinson was selling subscriptions to a print magazine “which offers political analysis from an anarchist/ libertarian socialist perspective,” I was skeptical. Intrigued, but not sold. I needed to know more. Here’s what I discovered:

Current Affairs is a bi-monthly magazine with colorful artwork and such original topics as: the Cult of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Economic Undertones in Cinema, and the Politics of Children’s Literature. It’s the kind of magazine I would be proud to keep on my coffee table even if I disagree strongly with the sentiments of every article. It’s unique. It’s pithy. And I can tell it’s going to challenge me intellectually. I am tired of the predictable opinions and click-bait delivered by the new media’s 24-hour news cycle; it appears Current Affairs offers an antidote.

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