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Nobody is Straight Anymore, New Study Finds – Flaming Freedom

Science confirms what we already knew: everybody is gay! What does this mean for your sex life? Answered on this episode of Flaming Freedom, the Queerest Generation! We also played “Guess the Disney Prince (Based on His Grindr Profile)”, laughed at Hillary-loving Morrissey getting ass-fingered by the TSA, watched some gays get refused a marriage […]

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Anti-Gay Arizona | PNN Live #64

Anti-Gay Arizona & the Big Bitcoin Crash Direct download: PNN_064_Feb_25_2014.mp3 Liberty Forum, Arizona Gay Bill, Bitcoin & Mt Gox Make Video blasting George Takei over Arizona Gay Bill thing Post to about Ducks thing Do a blog write-up of Liberty Forum Put this video on Peace News ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10p Michael Cargill Big […]