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Camera Still More Effective Than Guns | COPBLOCK RADIO

What is CopBlock about? How do I connect with other people who want to record law enforcers? Can force be justified? How can I share my own stories to

Grand Forks North Dakota enforcers shoot an unarmed man, then try to destroy the evidence.

A law enforcer encourages people to “pop a cap” in harmless random strangers.

A cop acts like a gang member when he threatens a man for not making timely payments to his gang’s bosses. Fortunately, a copblocker caught the interaction on camera, and when the cop noticed him, he decided to stop threatening the man. The man recording saved his fellow man from becoming the victim of a kidnapping.

A middle school student is charged with larceny over a 65 cent milk. There will even be a trial over it. The middle schooler receives milk provided by his community, but he forgot to grab it and put it on his tray when going through line. He returned to get another milk, and a cop grabbed him by the arm. The boy pulled away, and the man got rough with him. The school offered to reduce the punishment to keep it out of the courts, but the boy wants to push forward with the trial because he knows he is innocent and shouldn’t be punished at all.

CopBlocker arrested! Charged with “obstructing a peace officer.” What a joke! Watch the video.

Finally, the best example of how the camera is the best defensive tool in your arsenal: a cop threatens a man and invents a lie to justify hassling him, but the cop is caught when he realizes the man was recording him. He leaves angry, and his victim leaves unharmed.

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Cops Shot to Death

Derrick J cohosted Free Talk Live on Monday, Dec 22, 2014:

Cops Shot to Death :: Violence Fails? :: NYPD Backing Down on Arrests and Summonses? :: Persuasion or Fear? :: Scared, Violent Cops :: Cantwell Insulted :: Cops Wartime Mindset in NYPD :: Mall Protests :: Nonagression Principle Insufficient :: Violence Begets Violence :: Handsome Derrick J :: Peaceful Evolution :: People’s Blindness to Police Aggression :: Agents Provocateur :: Camera is the New Gun :: Justified Violence :: Derrick the Killer? :: Holding Cops Accountable

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Who Will Build the Rocky Roads? | PNN 123 | Oct 12, 2014

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Activism Audio Civil Disobedience Justice News Peace Peace News Now Podcast Video

Bring Back the Draft | PNN 115 | Sept 14, 2014

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Police State Monday | Angel Clark Show

Monday, August 11, 2014

Skype: DerrickJFreeman
Call in #: 443-424-8347

Los Angeles Woman Punched in Face Speaks Out

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PNN Live #72 Anarchist Spirituality

Guests Derrick Broze of

John Good Vibes from

Direct download: PNN_Live_072_Anarchy_Spirituality_with_Derrick_Broze_John_G_Vibes.mp3

Anarchism / Spirituality

“The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality”


Thomas Glenn Jolley was an anti-Vietnam War protester who renounced his U.S. citizenship in Canada. His move made him one of a small number of former Americans who voluntarily made themselves stateless as a form of political protest. Soon after his renunciation, Jolley crossed back into the U.S. and began working in Florida. A U.S. federal court ruled that he was deportable, but the Immigration and Naturalization Service could not actually deport him to Canada because he had lost his Canadian landed immigrant status. He died in Asheville, North Carolina this week at the age of 70.


Joel Valenzuela Counter-Protests the Minimum Wage


New Show “Dark News” by Kristov Atlas on World Crypto Network


IRS Rules Bitcoin is Property and Taxable Starting Immediately


Old Lady Will Keep Protesting


Awesome Response to Protest


Fund Liberty Projects


Men Putting Penises in Socks for Cancer #CockInASock


Occulus Virtual Reality Sold for Embarrassingly Low $2B Offer from Facebook


Spontaneous Motor City?


Frustrated Common Core Parents Resist Bad Learning


Bad News…


Obamacare Update – March 31 or Fine!


UMass Amherst Students Pepper Sprayed for Partying


——————————————————— Jayson Madore Jordan Page – War Machine


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PNN Live #71 Poetry and Literature

PNN Live #71 March 23, 2014

Direct download: PNN_Live_071_March_23_2014.mp3

Bringing World Peace with Poetry and Literature | PNN Live #71

Michael Walsh, Peace Poet 5-5:30 pm EST


Nick Barnabe, Indy Journalist 5:30-6pm EST, San Diego California, The Anti-Media


Marc Guttman, Peace Author 6-7 EST


Peace poet Michael Walsh, Indy Journalist Nick Bernabe, and Editor Marc Guttman join Peace News Now live for a special discussion of peace propaganda. How do we promote peace in the 21st Century? Timeless poetry, revolutionary literature, or social media? A combination of all three? You’ll hear from different guests today about their contributions to the world of peace propaganda! Plus news of peaceful resistance and much more!


NH House Bans Warrantless Cell Phone Tracking


End the Death Penalty in NH Event


Open Source Video Platform


Social Experiment “I Appreciate Children”




So, we are confirmed for Sunday, March 23 at 5:00-5:30pm EST.

Skype username “michael.walsh2088” – David Chu


Swallows, Swifts, and Flights of Storks

The Heart to Heart Poetry of Michael Walsh


“The Firing Squad”

“The Émigré”







I’m looking forward to chatting with you today on Peace News Now about your books, “Why Peace” and “Why Liberty”. I’d like to first talk about why you compiled the books, what they mean to you, and your evolution. Then I’d like to focus on a couple segments:


“Lockeed Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” by Richard Cummings


“From Statism to Voluntaryism” by Pete Eyre


“A Startling Awareness: Transforming Fear into Compassion” by Richard Forer





NH House Bans Warrantless Cell Phone Tracking


End the Death Penalty in NH Event


Open Source Video Platform


Social Experiment “I Appreciate Children”


Cops Murder Man Camping Illegally

Brazil Protest:

——————————————————— Jayson Madore Jordan Page – War Machine

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Peaceful Evolution Not Violent Revolution

Chris Cantwell published a blog post this week in which he made the case that violent revolution is moral, possible, and practical.

To me, Cantwell’s argument comes down to: “Violent revolution is the right thing to do.” Specifically, he advocates for killing in self defense. In other words, killing police that would otherwise be killing you. He argues that peaceful resistance is fruitless because, “ideas require teeth.” He seems to assert, “Why allow our friends to be relegated to the dustbins of history for standing on principle? As long as the State can legitimately kill and cage us, we’ll never have peace or freedom!”

There’s nothing special about you or this time. You aren’t owed freedom in your lifetime, but you can have it. One way you can earn it is by using your brain to think creatively about ways to live more free. To achieve your goals. Any Austrian or Objectivist will tell you: follow your rational self-interest. If your self-interest is personal freedom, then live free and take the consequences. There are steps you can take to improve your personal freedom–let your imagination be your limit! I’ve personally benefitted from keeping a public journal and moving to New Hampshire for support.

What it comes down to is a war of ideas. If all the world’s a stage, and we all the players, then let us demonstrate for the world what a free society can look like. Let us provide the example and be the light on the hill. Let us provide alternatives to the things the state provides, like food and care for the old and needy. Let us make the State as irrelevant as MySpace. Right now, the State is good for some things, for some people.

The people have to be won, they have to be sold on the idea. If people arrest the politicians, they may cheer, but does that mean they have a foundation for independence? No. Most people would do very poorly in a situation of freedom because they have been conditioned to living in prison planet. It’s not only bad strategy, it’s immoral to impose a situation of freedom onto a population that can’t cope with it.

And practicality? Chris points out that a few well-placed nuclear weapons can be a effective deterrents to violence because of mutually-assured destruction. But could the sociopaths in power provoke nuclear conflict in a desperate attempt to preserve hegemony?

If a violent revolution presented the American Sheeple the options to either disband all the people in government or replace them, they would replace them. We know why: They are more than comfortable with tyranny–they have grown to love their servitude.

And listen, you’re picking the wrong battle. You’re outmatched. There will never be a successful violent revolt in America; it will be squashed. No, like the Cyclops in the Odyssey, free humanity must outwit the sociopaths to defeat them. We will never overpower them, but we can side-step them until they are irrelevant. Livestreaming video communications, Uber transportation worldwide, cryptographic currencies, smart-contracts built on blockchains, decentralized autonomous corporations … Violent resistance? No. The State is present-day Muhammad Ali. It may be physically strong, but it’s mentally weak and almost dead.

The battle that must be won is a much more urgent and more important battle than is being discussed: the battle of ideas must manifest into a battle of actions. Like independence? Become independent. There is no one to defeat but yourself.

When you have achieved personal freedom, you’ve nullified the State in your own life. The next step is to show off and make people envious of your freedom so that they take risks to achieve it for themselves. Show them how it leads to prosperity and more choices. With each new person who declares meaningful independence, the state becomes weaker. It depends on those who depend on it. When you are independently providing your food, energy, and support for yourself and your community, you’re living in an anarchist society.

Ignore Washington. The politicians and control freaks are irrelevant. Focus on you. Free yourself, and the world will follow.

To watch my first attempt at living free, watch my free movie about moving to New Hampshire!

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Peace News Now Launches on Liberty Movement Radio

While guest-hosting on the Adam VS the Man podcast, I was asked by a listener if I have my own podcast which he could syndicate on his new internet radio network. I did not, but his question inspired me to take the steps to create my own podcast. Finally all the steps are complete, and now I am publishing my new podcast, Peace News Now, on my new website, It’s easy to subscribe from

In this episode, I sit down in-studio to speak with Ali Havens about some news topics. Some things we talk about today are:

  • this new show!
  • BuckyBalls are now history
  • the ban on “homosexual propaganda” in Russia
  • Craigslist sex ads for election night
  • Anonymous Hacks NBC!

Right-click here to download this episode.