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Ignorance of the BipCot is No Excuse | Freedom Feens

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MWD, Derrick J Freeman, and Jeremy Henggeler celebrate Derrick’s return and wait on the last year to Alpha Centauri. They talk about cops that don’t read licenses before clicking on them and San Francisco’s first open air urinal. MWD lays down mad science on how the Internet is doing it wrong, including self-contradictory emails and demanding emails from strangers about branding.

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Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree

While Mark Edge endorses the Trump Dollar, the Feens yak about You and the Police by Boston T. Party, and how that book inspired the CopBlock movement.

Then a cop – (Officer Mike Bires ) who is a self-styled “Social Media Director” – violates the BipCot license to use and review Cell411. Hilarity and mockery ensue. (And his crappy bad-audio podcast making fun of Cell411 is here.)

San Francisco Uses Pee Kitty-Proof Paint as self-defense against Public Urination

Miss Piggy Goes to Hollywood

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Nick's new piggies
Nick’s new piggies

Derrick J. Freeman, Davi Barker and Nick Hazelton yak about useful Hollywood tropes of self-referentialism, pigs (the good kind), James Cleveland hijacked by highwaymen (the bad kind), “taking the ball”, dropping out of school and avoiding imprints of authority.

Also, we have the first-ever test of FURRIES (FeenPhone Unnecessary Random Reeducation Interruption Exigency System). The test is a success.

This show covered by the BipCot no-government license. Any reuse permitted with attribution, EXCEPT BY GOVERNMENTS.

Hosts yaked over FeenPhone.

Help out on the last week of the FeenPhone Indiegogo campaign.

A Call to Farms |PNN Live #70

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Building the free future requires leading by example. These are uncharted waters we roam. How can you help in the mission to achieve freedom and prosperity? The answer is within you alone!


BREAKING: Sean’s Outpost Under Attack on Birthday



Bitcoin for Farmers!



Why Warren Buffett is Wrong About Bitcoin



Western Union CEO: First World Not Ready for Bitcoin



Another Boston Bitcoin ATM



Bullied for MY Little Pony, Facebook page has 2000+ likes




EU Supports Snowden During Vote on Surveillance




Great Police Encounter



Derrick J Proves Cantwell’s Point



Lincoln Quiz! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ud4IMdGAD4



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Food Nazis Defeat Farmer | PNN Live #65

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Mark Baker, Fighting the System from Within, and Biden’s F-Bombs




Aaron Day & Matt Phillips running for Town Council and School Board in Bedford, NH?


5-5:30 – Nate Cox, nate5176@gmail.com


5:30-6 – Mark Baker,


6:00-6:30 – Dan Itse, itsenh@comcast.net


6:30-6:45 – Aaron Day, ardventures@gmail.com – Bedford School Board


6:45-7 Jon Pawelko, jon@lampoonthesystem.com



10 Jay Noone

11 Marc Guttman ?


Next Week:

5:00 Jim Rubens


5:30 Dan Itse States


6:00 Matt Phillips





Bakers Green Acres Wins & Loses in Court



Bitcoin is so Resilient!




Nate Cox Beats Red-Light Camera Ticket




Bitcoin Comes to Wall St



Surrender Firearms?



Deceptive Tactics Online


Police Chief testifies that cannabis killed 37 people in one day http://intellihub.com/police-chief-testifies-cannabis-killed-37-people-one-day/


Authority and Zero Tolerance Policies are Dangerous:




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