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Introducing MAC – Mobile Accountability for Cops Tour | CopBlock Radio

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Cop Block RadioLast night on CopBlock Radio, Ademo Freeman and Brian Sumner joined us to share their newest adventure: traveling across the country in MAC (Mobile Accountability for Cops). They will be meeting up with CopBlock chapters in over a dozen states in the next seven months. Follow their adventures at

Derrick J, DEO, and Severin covered the week’s most important stories of police abuse and accountability featured on We started out with a video of two San Francisco cops chatting freely in a Happy Donut shop about how they plan to alter the video captured by their body-cams. Then they laugh about how their victim’s head explodes from their bullets. Ha-ha, right? Good thing one quick-thinking man surreptitiously recorded their disgusting conversation for all to hear.

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Activism Audio CopBlock CopBlock Radio LiveStream Networks News Podcast Video

Cop-Suckers Say the Darndest Things | CopBlock Radio

Have you ever encountered a person who just LOVES law enforcers, no matter what evil they do? In this episode of CopBlock Radio, Derrick J, DEO, Severin, and Ademo share the funniest encounters with these people, called CopSuckers. We hypothesize that these individuals are blinded by an emotional attachment to a friend or family member in law enforcement. Any criticism of the institution or individuals is rejected without consideration because it is seen as an attack on them or their loved ones. This is collectivism at its worst — refusal to acknowledge that individuals are responsible for their actions no matter the uniform they wear. Fortunately, encounters with these people can be as funny as they are revealing. Enjoy some of the best ones in this video: CopSuckers (Long Version) Download Podcast

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Reality Check America! | ACS

Derrick J Freeman hosts the Angel Clark Show Thursday, April 24, 2014. The topic: Reality Check!

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